Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really ABC

So there is a game between two Top 15 teams and a match up between two unranked teams, guess which game I got on ABC. So instead of Oklahoma State Oklahoma game I have USC Notre Dame, but no problem. Thank god for XBox live, I'm able to watch the Cowboys and Sooners on ESPN3. It has saved the night.
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Time For a Change

So the home slate of games is now over and all that Rutgers has left is a visit to Morgantown in what has been a surprising dissappointing season. Now its time to look at a head and think of ways to improve this struggling offense. For the most part the defense has not been a problem, except for the last two game. The defense has kept the team in most of the games this year. But one thing is clear changes need to made on the offense and those changes might also include a total change in the offensive philopshy of the offense.

For starters the co-offensive coordinator tandem of Kirk Ciarrocca and Kyle Flood need to be let go and overall the only person that I would keep would be recievers coach PJ Fleck. Fleck is a young coach and has done a good job with Harrison, Sanu and Deering. Instead of being a team that prides itself on running the football and playing defense, its time for head coach Greg Schiano to turn over a new leaf and make drastic changes to the offense.

With the skill position that this team has Schiano should look to move away from the running game and to a more uptempo passing game, maybe someone from that Mike Leech coaching. While coaches like Texas Tech offensive Coordinator Neil Harris are not going to look at the job, Schiano should look at someone similar to that, a young energetic coach with personality.

One guy who caught my eye was Bowling Green offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Warren Ruggerio.In 2009, Falcon offense he led a unit that ranked first in the MAC and sixth nationally in passing yards per game (316.2). Standout quarterback Tyler Sheehan finished the year completing 373 of 575 passes for 4,051 yards and 27 touchdowns, all career-bests under the guidance of Ruggiero. In fact, his 4,051 passing yards were only the second time in BGSU's 90-year history that a Falcon quarterback had surpassed the 4,000 yard plateau. In addition to working at Bowling Green, Ruggerio also helped tutor Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman while he was at Kansas State. This year has not been the best for Bowling Green but that is not been because of Ruggerio but rather rather a lack of talent. While Ruggerio might not be the sexist pick for the job, he might be a good higher and be will to listen to a BCS school that needs an offensive coordinator.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to all from Only Time Will Tell and don't forget to enjoy the football.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A View from the North on the Iron Bowl

I consider myself to be very knowledgeable and passionate about college football, but in my wildest dreams I have never experience the passion of the game like I have this week. During the last week, I have been listening to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network for my college football talk on the way home from work and boy has it opened it my eyes to the hate in the Auburn/Alabama rivalry. For the last couple of days, the radio has been fantastic with the lunatics on both sides of the game yelling at each other.

Having a show like Finebaum's, which is based in Alabama, allows people like me to see the other side of college football and the passion that two very loyal fan basis have. The passion is fantastic, as a Rutgers season ticket holder, I wish that the Knights would have another group to fight like this. This game defines the state of Alabama and its residents. When you are born in that state you are born on a side of the rivalry. During this week on the program, people have been talking about classic Iron Bowl games, and making fun of the others teams boosters, ex-coaches, and former ADs.

The passion for the game is spelled out by former Auburn David Housel speech a bunch of years back, which I heard on Tuesday's Finebaum show.

With no pro sports in the state, this is the only thing they have and I would like to thank XM for allowing people who live in the northeast to see what the rivalry is like through Finebaum's show.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Eagles take field against the Gmen

The Smoke builds and Mike Vick comes out. Never thought that this fan base would love the former Virginia Tech star like they do now.

Professional Tailgating: Eli learns how to slide again

So with no Rutgers home game on the schedule, OTWT headed to the Eagles and Giants. At the game that we learned that Eli Manning still has no idea how to slide.

Gotta love a TV that is as big as my house
 Ray Diddy, every ones hero
 Vaughn tries to show of his Super Bowl ring
 There are a bunch of weird people walking around the Linc
 Giant fans had their head down after Eli decided to slide like Ryan Howard