Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twitter got me

I was checking twitter before going out to dinner last night and saw that several respected blogs were reporting that Royals pitcher Zack Greinke was traded to the Phillies. The news was shocking. The reported stated that Ross Glode, Domonic Brown, and pitcher Antonio Bastardo were heading to Kansas City.

After hearing the news, I got on the phone and called or texted several other baseball fans about the issue and none of them had heard anything about it, which was weird because both friends have a good idea of what is going on. After a couple of minutes, I checked twitter again and people started posting it was all a hoax and the Phillies were not involved in anything involving the Royals.

People talk about twitter being the future of journalism but sometimes even the future of something can get a person in trouble. While twitter is great it will cause some issues and this situation shows it.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Special 1TV: WikiLeaks Edition

Special 1TV looks into FIFA awarding of world cup bids and making a shocking discovery.

The Coaching Wheel is about to get out of control

The Bowl Season is only a couple of days from starting and the coaching carousel is getting ready to really spin out of control. With openings at two of the biggest jobs in Florida, at Miami and Florida; Pittsburgh, and a possible opening at Michigan this could be one of the busiest carousel in sometime.

Miami has talked to Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini and if both parties agree that it could work out that would open up the Nebraska. The Husker job might be more attractive because they will be members of the Big Ten Conference next season.

The Florida job is one of the most high profile jobs in the country and could trigger a bunch of other openings. What happens if the Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops takes the job, the Oklahoma job would open up, which would set off another round of craziness.

In addition to all of the other high profile jobs out that there, one under rated job is available, the heading coaching positions at Pitt. While its not that greatest job in all of the world, its a job that a coach can really win at. Pitt offers a big recruiting base in its own city as well as the chance to go into New Jersey and get kids.

Once one of these jobs gets filled then the fun it going to start. I have this feeling that this years coaching carousel might be more interesting then the bowl season.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Going Ole School

Came across this hat and boy is it epic. An Eagles Super Bowl XV hat. The hat is cool but shows how far we have come with hats and the Super Bowl.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NFL Nike Pro Combat?

I know these photos were fake, but some of their creations are not the bad. One I'm not a fan of was the Eagles new jersey looking strangely like the Oregon Duck's creations.

Monday, December 06, 2010

BCS Title Game In Newspapers

The computers and the polls have spoken and Auburn and Oregon are set to meet in the BCS Title game in Jan. 10. Here are the front pages of a home town Auburn paper and a home town Oregon paper.

This sums up everything

The Philly Daily News sums up my feelings, as a Nats fan, on the mega million dollar signing of Jayson Werth.
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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Never Saw This Coming

At about 2:30 this afternoon, I was thinking that I was going to write about Peyton Hillis and his quest to become the first white running back since the Patriots Craig James to break the 1,000 yard mark, but after a quick check of twitter that all changed.

Jayson Werth signed with the Washington Nationals, the twitter post said. I could not believe it Werth signing with my Washington Nationals. Its hard to believe still. I for one still don't get it. The Nationals gave Werth seven years and $126 million. Those a franchise player type numbers, but here is my question, is Werth a franchise player. I tend to say no. With the Phillies, Werth was surrounded with star players from Howard to Utley to Rollins. So the offensive expectations where not as high as other members of the lineup. Werth has never been a 100 RBI player, the closest he came was in 2009 when he had 99. Now with the Nationals he is going to be counted on to provide power to a very limited offense. One of the few positives of this deals is that the Nats can keep their first round draft pick, traditionally teams are given a the first round pick of the team that signs a player. Since the Nats is a top 10 its protected.

While I'm happy the Nationals have spent some money  in free agency, I wish that they would have have taken that money and spent it in other areas. One thing that I would have loved to seen the National do was resign Adam Dunn and try to get AJ Burnett from the Yankees. That would have improved the team and also cost about the same. Sometime make a big splash is not the way to improve your team and with the Nationals that might be the case.