Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow Sports Illustrated might have gotten it right

While the rest of the world is focused on Tiger and his running around, Sports Illustrated did the right thing and put the right story on the cover of their magazine. Sometimes SI falls short of expectations, but this week they hit the nail right on the head.

The Tiger Woods story is not a sports story its more a national gossip story, now if Tiger heads to The Masters and blows a three shot lead with four to play, that is a huge story, but really what sports fan cares if he is hooking up with a waffle house waitress in every city.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Saying Good Bye to Legend

You could see it coming a mile away, there was Buster, Tim, and Jayson and some how Peter was seeing less and less airtime. So yesterday Peter Gammons, one of OTWT all time favorites, announced that he was leaving the ESPN and heading to do work for MLB Network and NESN.

The move does not come as a shock to most people for the last couple of years, the four letter network has been focusing most of their baseball insider time on the more high energy Buster Olney. Gammons, who had been at the four letter network for the last two decades, will do studio shows for both networks.

While ESPN might look at Gammons as surplus to requirements, he is the reason that so many people love the hot stove part of the season. During his time at the World Wide Leader, Gammons was at the front of reporting things and his love for the player development side of baseball was second to none.

As a person that also loves players development, Gammons was a hero. During the summer he would talk about Cape Cod League and the draft. This was done in a time that no one really cared about either. I always thought that this was the best part of his work, he would always let fans know what is in the farm systems. I know that Keith Law is good at that, but no one can replace Gammons knowledge and I have always like Law.

Gammons will be great on MLB Network, but the big looser in those whole thing is ESPN, why would a network let go someone like Gammons its makes sense to me. One of the positives is that Gammons will be able to spend more time with his band.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Professional Tailgating: Not the best way to end the season

The OTWT Tailgating Crew made their final trip to Rutgers for their battle with West Virginia and as usual the 'Neers won again. But it was a fun way to end the season including a game of kick about with an orange juice container.

It was so cold that the propane tank could not take it anymore
Our tailgating neighbors were getting ready for the World Cup

The 'Neers fans were out in force
A nice game of kick about with an orange juice bottle.

It did not go well for the Knights on the field.

Its was cold enough for Santa to come out for the game