Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ranking Rutgers Greatest Recruits

The commitment of 4-star defensive tackle Marques Ford got me to thinking, who are the best recruit that Rutgers got since the start of the Schiano/Flood era. Here are my 10 recruits that have pledge to play on the Banks. My rankings take into account several things including: who RU beat for their services, the player they became, and the impact that they have had on the program.

1. Anthony Davis, 2007, 4-star: Davis picked Rutgers over USC and Ohio State during the US All America game. To turn down those nationals powers and pick Rutgers on national TV was huge for this growing program.

2. Savon Huggins, 2011, 4-star: While it has not worked out on the field, Rutgers went to war with some of the powers in college football to get Huggins.

3. Darius Hamilton, 2012, 5-star: According to Rivals, he is the only 5-star to play at Rutgers over the last decade. Hamilton has been warrior on the defensive line and showed the player he was during the knights first year in the Big Ten.

4. Tom Savage, 2009, 4-star: The QB out of Philly was supposed to be the man who replaced Mike Teel, while it never happened, Savage found success at Pitt and now is with the Texans.

5. Scott Vallone, 2008, 4-star: Vallone was the type of player that showed the continued growth of the program. He was a lunch bucket type of player who have everything on every play.

6. Logan Ryan, 2009, 4-star
7. Leonte Carroo, 2012, 4-star
8. Khaseem Greene, 2008, 2-star
9. Brandon Coleman, 2010, 4-star
10. Gary Nova, 2010, 3-star:  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frozen Tundra Golf

So it's 31 degrees put and I decide to head out to the golf course. Let's just say it's hard to a tee into frozen ground. 

What's the ruling on playing your ball from ice. 
Hitting over an ice hazard.