Sunday, February 17, 2013

Premier League Playoffs?

The Premier League Title race looks like its over and all that is left to play for Champions League, Europa League and relegation spots. Will this be enough to hold the interest of the avid soccer fan around the world. 

The idea that every season is going to come down to the final minutes like it did last year, is just nuts. Last year was a once and a lifetime type thing. 

Would the Premier League be suited to moved to a NFL type model to crown their champion. Daily Columnist Adrian Durham makes the case for moving in that direction.  

"It’s flexible but you could have the top four involved – fourth plays third, winner plays second and winner of that plays the 'champions' after 38 games in a huge Grand Final at Wembley,'' Durham wrote. "It would generate more money from TV and sponsorship and it would mean more football and extra excitement for fans."

As an American, I'm very familiar with the playoff system and for one I'm not the biggest fan. When you move to the type of system you don't always get the best team as your champions. The best example is the when New York Giants beating the undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. 

As the old saying goes "The Table Never Lies" and that is true the way Premier League stands now, if playoffs are introduced to determine the champion, that statement would ring hollow. I would hate to see them change the current format of the league.