Thursday, April 19, 2007

Its all about the cake

For a week Rutgers women basketball coach C.Vivian Stringer went on a world wind tour about how her girls were offended by Don Imus's comment about the national runners. So now that Imus is in the process of being paid off, Stringer is back in the news. During the media tour, Stringer said it was about the girls getting their names back and not about her getting better recruits or making more money. But that all changed on Wednesday when Stringer signed a book deal with Crown Books to write her autobiography. Wonder how much cake she is getting for this book deal.

"The reality is that she has led an extraordinary life and is very inspiring and a role model for women," said an official with Crown books said.

Ok she is a good coach, but she is not in the same league as Pat Summitt or even crazy Geno at UConn. They both have countless National Championship titles compared to her zero.

This deals comes from the Imus situation, I wonder how many chapters of the book will touch on Imus. I bet there will be no mention of her recruitment of Shalicia Hurns and why she was thrown off the team. I also hope that she addresses why Cappie Pondexter missed half a year a couple of years ago. Those are just a couple of suggestions for chapter topics.

Its not the south of France

Come 2012, European soccer team supporters will get to spend their summer in Poland and the Ukraine , yes Poland and a former Russian Providence. Earlier this week, UEFA announced that the Euro 2012 would be headed to Eastern Europe and people around Europe could not be happier.
Instead of spending a nice summer in south of France, Spain or Greece. Fans are going to spend their time in the former home of the communism. At this rate I hope that the NCAA does not decide to award the Final Four to Des Moise, Iowa.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dream Final

You think the English FA is not happy. The first FA Cup back at the home of soccer is going to a cracker as Chelski and Manchester United face off for the oldest prize in the sport. Could you see a thrilling 3-2 game, that people talk about for generation. But more in line with all things English it will probably be a 0-0 game that bores even me to sleep. So on May 19 the eyes of the soccer world will be on the home of soccer again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sweet Lou is at it again

It only took Lou Pinella two weeks before he popped his top with the Chicago Cubs. After a Friday afternoon loss to the Reds, Pinella let the press have it.
"What the hell do you think isn't working? You see the damn game.''

Then this classic:
"And then I bring in the reliever who's throwing 30- to 40-foot curveballs to boot. I can see. I can start to see some of the ways this team has lost ballgames. I can see it. We've got to correct it obviously. ... This game here is one that got away from us that really shouldn't."

While he was at it Pinella took a shot at his ace Carlos Zambrano:

"This guy is your ace, you got a 5-0 lead with the eighth and ninth hitters coming up, you feel pretty good about that inning and all of a sudden it turns into a six-run inning.''

But Sweet Lou is no stranger to great quotes here are a couple of old school ones:
  • "I cussed him out in Spanish, and he threw me out in English."
  • "Statistics are like bikinis. They show a lot, but not everything."