Saturday, August 09, 2008

Season Ticket Day

One of the best things about being a season ticket holder is the day the package of tickets comes in the mail and that was today for my Rutgers football tickets. After a nice day at the beach, I returned to headquarters to find the tickets in my mailbox.
This years tickets are huge upgrade over last years. Last years were just white pieces of paper, this year each tickets has an image of Rutgers football. Not bad. I can not wait for Labor Day.

Fun with Facebook: Clemson Football

Clemson is your traditional southern school, they have tons of passion for their beloved Tigers. From Howard Rock to the Little John fans sport their teams in a major way and on Facebook that is no different. Fans of the Orange clad tigers have showed their love for their team on Facebook and some people who are not huge fans of the school have also showed their views on the Tigers. In Only Time Will Tell ongoing Fun with Facebook we focus on Clemson Football.

Here are some of the more interesting Facebook groups dedicated to Clemson Football:

  • Clemson and The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football: ""Drive the buses around the stadium, rub Howard's rock, and run out onto the field to play to the tune of tigerrag.Without question the most exciting 25 seconds in college football, in the loudest stadium in America!yeah, it's kinda a big deal...,'' according to the description of the group. It's truly one of the great things about college football. Members 1,157.
  • People Who Want Clemson To Have A Real Tiger: ""This is a group for people who believe that Clemson University needs a real tiger at Death Valley during the home football games. This is an official petition that will be used for a project to get Clemson a real tiger. Join this group if you support the idea and would like to see a real tiger prowl around his cage, growl, and claw only to add so much more intensity and make Death Valley a truely intimidating place for the visiting teams!,'' according to the groups description. Members 853.
  • Choke, the official drink of the Clemson Tigers: This must be a South Carolina fan. "This group is for everyone who enjoyed watching Will Proctor, Jad Dean, and the rest of the Clemson Tigers choke in the 4th quarter against the Gamecocks at the end of the game. USC- 31, Clemson-28 Go Cocks!,'' according to the description. Members 436.
  • Clemson Girls are Hotter than Carolina Girls!!!: Its the south and is their a description needed. Members 306.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Big Ten Coaches South Park Style

This is last years fun from the Big 10, I hope the new one comes out soon.

Big 12 Coaches South Park Style

Everyone is getting into this coaches South Park characters, today the Big 12.

Only Time Will Tell goes mobile

Only Time Time Will Tell went on line Nov. 4, 2006 at 9:58 p.m. blasting Mark Jones for the way called a football game. Almost two years later, the Only Time Will Tell Crew has attended countless sporting events and watched millions of hours of events on television, the crew has decided to go mobile. So now everyone can take the fun of the gang on your mobile phone, just what everyone wanted, I know.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The SI Cover Show: College Football Edition

First Smith and Street/The Sporting News released all of its covers for their college football previews, now Sports Illustrated is at it.

In the order that SI predicts they will finish:

1. Georgia2. Ohio State3. USC
4. Missouri 5. Florida

The Cover Story: NFL Version

The NFL Season is almost here and that can only one thing preview magazines. Here are the covers from the different editions of the Sporting News NFL Preview.

Missouri edition
Rocky Mountain Edition
Bay Area edition
Arizona edition
New Orleans edition
Florida edition
Indianapolis edition
Wisconsin/Minnesota edition
Texas edition
New England edition
New York City edition
Pennsylvania edition
Beltway edition
South version

Monday, August 04, 2008

Sometimes people are wrong

What do Zac Wasserman, Jon Van Cleave, Ryan O'Hara (pictured above), Robert Lane, and Mike Affleck all have in common?

At one point they where all the talk of college football coach, they all attended the well known Elite 11 QB Camp in California. The event, celebrated its 10th anniversary, provides the nation's top high school quarterbacks with high-level instruction by the best in the business, making it the nation's premier quarterback camp for prep athletes. The Elite 11 was held in Southern California July 21-24.

All five attend major schools ranging from Penn State to Arizona but did not impressed some even dropping down to schools like LA Valley Community College and Central Oklahoma.

A look at the list of players that has attended the camp reads like a train wreck of players that did not live up to their billing. Let's hope players like Thomas Savage, Garrett Gilbert and the rest of this years quarterbacks that attended the camp make out better then Roman Ybarra, yes he attended the camp too.

Thoughts from the 2008 Emirates Cup

As the season gets closer teams are wrapping up their preseason training. One of the biggest preseason events is the Emirates Cup. This year the cup featured host Arsenal, Hamburg HSV, Juventus, and Real Madrid over the weekend.

Here are some thoughts about the two day event.
  • Hamburg's young mid fielder Jonathan Pitoipa looks like he is going to have a break out year in Germany this year.
  • Can we please have names on the back of the shirts, Real Madrid.
  • I did not know that Javier Saviola was still at Madrid.
  • As a United fan Arsenal scares me the most, it just seems like they have players coming out of everywhere.
  • Arsenal's Jack Wilshere, the baby of Wenger's group, reminds me of a young Scholes minus the ginger hair of course.
  • Juve's gold road jerseys might be one of the worst looking in all of Europe.
  • Theo Walcott might be the most improve player in the EPL this year.
  • Despite the loss of Van der Vaart Hamburg is still going to play some attractive soccer.