Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Land of the Children

The old saying goes: "and a child shall lead them", well at North Carolina that has been the case on the both the basketball court and the lacrosse field. Both teams have been lead by a freshman that are well beyond their years. In basketball the team was carried in the second half of the season by Harrison Barnes (above), while on the lacrosse field the team has been lead by Nicky Galasso (below).

The pair both have a ton in common. Barnes came to North Carolina as the number one player in high school basketball, while Galasso showed up on campus as the best high school lacrosse player in the counry. The two have also fit in really well with their teams. Barnes, after a slow start, came on as the season went on as other members of the teams started to see the skill set that he had. The same is true with Galasso, as the year has gone on he has become a focal point of the offense with his goal scoring and playmaking skills.

While freshman are making an impact at a variety of sports across the board, its rare to see two that are this good, playing this well at the same school. North Carolina has truely become the Land of the Children