Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going Ole School: 1990 NHL Draft

YouTube is an amazing thing. While searching for something I came across this video of the 1990 NHL Draft. The names from this draft are pretty good from Brodeur to Tkachuk to Jagr. Another interesting thing to look at is the fashion and the almost mullet that some of the players have.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

.......And Counting

Manchester United did what they do best yesterday, making Manchester City suffer. United knocked City out of the Carling Cup on an injury time winner by Rooney. United fans also reminded City fans about their lack of trophies by creating this banner (pictured above from the Daily Mail). Its been 34 years since City last major honor. No wonder Ryan Giggs wanted no part of them when he was a kid.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should Rutgers Drop Basketball?

Go back about 10 years ago, many in the Garden State thought that Rutgers should drop its failing football program. Fast forward right now and the football program is reaching heights that many people thought that would never come.

So if the question was asked for one sport why not another. Should Rutgers drop men's basketball. I know this sounds like crazy talk, but lets at the numbers. This is a team that is a total embarrassment. Their games are not competitive, there talent is so bad that they might finish in the middle of the pack in the A-10. Fred Hill's (photo right) Scarlet Knights are 0-7 in the league and are a gruesome 8-51 in his tenure.

Hill was billed as the guy that would get state players to stay home. Top recruits from programs such as St. Ben's and St. Pat's are still heading to school like North Carolina and Duke and this does not look like its going to change in the future. Sure Hill has gotten some good recruits like Mike Rosario (photo above), Dane Miller, and Greg Echenique. But with Echenique having all ready decided to leave the program, Rosario might be next and then a team that only had two talented might have none.

The program needs to start over maybe even leave the conference, fire Fred Hill and hire someone who might know how to coach a team. Right now they might be the worst basketball team in any BCS Conference, its said when Northwestern is a better basketball program then yours.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cover stories: Super Bowl Here We Come

Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl in two weeks. Here is how the four cities that were involved in the games covered the fun of the best football weekend of the year.

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