Saturday, March 03, 2007

Endy in the Outfield's Nationals Preview

The Previews will be run from worst to first. So all enjoy. Washington Nationals
By Endy in the Outfield
Offseason Additions - 1B Dmitri Young; SP Jerome Williams; OF Chris Snelling; Manager Manny Acta; 4 Venezuelan Teenagers
Offseason Losses - SP Tony Armas Jr; SP Joey Eischen; SP Ramon Ortiz; OF Alfonso Soriano
2007 Preview - You know a team is in trouble when they still have 4/5ths of their Starting rotation still up in the air, and those vying for a starting rotation spot (RHP Jerome Williams, RHP Beltran Perez, LHP Billy Traber, RHP Jason Bergmann, and LHP Matt Chico, just to name a few) are all under 29 and make less than your average newspaper reporter. With Alfonso Soriano departing to the South Side, the Nats will have to find a way to make up for his 46 HRs 95 RBI and 41 SB. Things are looking so bleak in Washington, even Frank Robinson won't show up for a "Frank Robinson Day" tribute.
Prediciton - Easily put: At least 100 losses this year. Most likely Cordero will be traded at some point throughout the season, and depending on who they get in return could mean another 5 losses easily. The only bright spot will be 22 year old third baseman Ryan Zimmerman who hit .287 with 20 HR and 110 RBI in his first full major league season. However, Zimmerman needs to be more patient at the plate (120 SO in '06) and consistent on the field.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Introducing Endy in the Outfield

Over the course of the upcoming baseball season, Only Time Will Tell, will have a special baseball correspondent. The staff of Only Time Will Tell is pleased to introduce Endy in the Outfield as its correspondent.
Endy is a long time New Yorks Mets fan and has a soft spot in his heart for former Expo Endy Chavez.
Over the next week, Endy in the Outfield will preview all of the teams in the National League East.
He will only preview the East, because he says that is the only league that matters. Some one needs to alert him to the AL East.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A tale of the Tape: The Nutter vs. Pac Man


Over the last couple of weeks few athletes have the impact on their sports like Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy and Tennessee Titans defensive back PacMan Jones. I wanted to see who was hard-core, so I decided to run the tale of the tape on both of them. So here we go.


Jones: PacMan.

Bellamy: The Nutter with the Putter, Craig "The Baby Eater'' Bellamy, and Bells.

Advantage: Bellamy, its plain and simple he hits team mates with golf clubs and eats babies, need I say more.

The Early Years

Jones: an all-state running back in Georgia then went on to be a troublemaker at the University of West Virginia

Bellamy: Started at Norwich City and then just kept moving.

Advantage: PacMan, any one who can go from Georgia to West Virginia and not have a drinking problem is a hero of mine.

Professional issues

Jones: Drafted Sixth overall in the 2005 draft, then missed most of training camp because of a hold out.
Bellamy: When Newcastle tried to unload him to a Birmingham City he wrote Newcastle chairman Freddy Sheppard a text message that read: "I am Craig Bellamy and I don't sign for shit football clubs.'' Bellamy also got into a drunken text-messaging feud with former New Castle teammate Alan Shearer.
Advantage: Bellamy, any time you use a text messaging to tell you boss an employer to go to hell its a good thing. Can you image PacMan doing that to Jeff Fisher? That would be end of PacMan.

Legal Issues

Jones: Started in 2005 with a fight at a West Virginia nightclub, then In October 2005 got in trouble for not going to probation officer. Hey that is just when he was in college. The NFL that is a different story, he has been cited by police for no less then three different incidents, including the "Making it rain" incident during NBA All-Star weekend.
Bellamy: Craig and his wife's honeymoon was interrupted when Bellamy was due back in Cardiff to answer to Magistrates over his bail extension, following an alleged assault on a 19-year-old girl in a Cardiff nightclub in March 2006 in which he allegedly grabbed the girl's throat; he was later acquitted.
Advantage: Jones, for the simplest reason that he went to college with Chris Henry and the two of them both made it out alive.

Off the wall behavior

Jones: loves to make it rain.

Bellamy: used teammates John Arna Riise's leg as a driving range after he refused to sing a Robbie Williams song.

Advantage: Bellamy, for the only reason that both Bellamy and Riise scored in the Liverpool’s win at Barcelona in the Champions League.


When you break this down, its easy to see that Bellamy is completely crazy and a bigger nut job then a person that makes it rain.

No Sizzling Bacon here

Move over Chad Johnson, T.O. and all other touchdown celebration kings. The real kings of the celebration dance live on the pitch.
Over the years soccer players have come up with some of the best celebration dances of all time.
From the Liverpool's Kop God Robbie Fowler snorting of the touchline, to Gazza and the dentist chair to Craig Bellamy madness at the Nou Camp last week.

Here is video of some of the best very goal celebration of all time

In all truth Fowler was robbed, his should have been number one.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You can choke your chicken but do not throw it

The fan base at Kansas State is classy. For years they have been smuggling live chickens into games against Kansas and then throwing them at the players of their hated rival. The chicken throwing was done to mock Kansas’s mascot, a Jayhawks.

During the game earlier this month, Wildcat fans throw chickens at the bench area.

Now that is all coming to end. Kansas State has said they will not put up with it anymore. And people thought that Bob Huggins was the only weird thing at KSU.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Money: Its gotta be the shoes

Mars Blackmon would be proud of Calvin Johnson. First Johnson goes to the NFL Combine and WOWs them during the interview process. Then he borrows someone else shoes and runs a 4.3 40-yard dash with another person shoes.
Johnson had a great career at Georgia Tech despite having one of the worst quarterbacks in college football history. During his career he had to deal with Reggie Ball as his quarterback at Georgia Tech. If he can over come these odds he should be an All Pro in a year. Hey Charlie Frye is a better quarterback at any level then ball and I think that I would take former Toms River South standout Victor Lau over Ball.

Tongue Tastey

This years Carling Cup Final, between Chelsea and the Arsenal U-20 side, might go down as one of the best ever. For the game and for one of the greatest injuries in sports history. John Terry swallowed his tongue. YES SWALLOWED HIS TONGUE. Terry was kicked in the head by a member of Arsenal during a goal box scramble. Terry was taken to the hospital and was later released. The game, which ended 2-1 Chelsea, also ended in a huge fight in injury time.