Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July.

Rocking my Landon Donovan shirt as a way of honoring the Fourth of July.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

NHL Draft Notebook

Here are some thoughts on the recently completed NHL Draft.

1. The Devils know how to make an impact when they are hosting. Wow never say that coming. 
2. If you have a top defenseman available you have to take him, they are harder to find than forwards so Avalanche fans beware on passing on Jones. 
3. How good a junior team was the Halifax Moosehead, very few teams could match up with the that team.
4. Is it me that its weird to be watching the draft late on Sunday after, the last affect of the lockout. 
5. By the way the Dallas Stars new logo is as bad as it gets. That is what happens when you have a team in Dallas.
6. The so Flyers finally get their defenseman. I think that I might pass out after hearing they drafted a d-man in the first round. Don't worry they will probably trade him before he makes it to the NHL. 
7.This tweet sums up how the Flyers have to handle its newest defenseman: "@TheOrangeNBlack: The key to Morin? Patience. Hopefully the Flyers have learned their lesson and let him develop. Will be a player in time."
8. You start to get to the middle of the first round and the estimated arrival time for these players goes from 13-14 to 15-16 to 16-17. That means that most of these kids are projects and need times. 
9. I think that I might fall over, the Flyers used their first two picks on defensemen.