Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is never good

Things are so bad on the Thursday Night Football broadcast on NFL Network that some people are wishing for some really weird things.
That's on point on Twitter breaks it down "Lemme tell you something ... when I hear Joe Theisman's voice it makes me miss Paul Maguire even more than usual."
The only problem is that Paul Maguire is doing UFL so he may not be available to save the day.
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Why it stinks to be a Bills Fan

The Buffalo Bills are win less and there appears to be no end in site for it but that is not the reason it stinks to be a Bills fan.
My brother, a life long Bills fan, was cleaning out his closet and found that most of players he has jerseys for are no long with the team. Its never good to when ever year you are getting rid of your best players and being win less shows that.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Passion of the South

I was driving home from work today listening to the Paul Finebaum Show on XM Satellite Radio and they were talking about the on going saga involving Cam Newton and his recruitment to Auburn. After a couple of minutes one thing became clear passion for a team can quickly turn out of control.

Today all of the hate appeared to be directed at ESPN Joe Schad who reported that Newton and his father talked about a pay to play scenario during his recruitment. One caller said that he wanted to get a group of friends together and go ""Schad hunting'' and when they found him they were going to break his jaw.

Schad is not the only ESPN reporter feeling the heat from Auburn fans, it has gotten so bad for Mark Schlabach that he has had to get security at his home, Finebaum said during his show today. Schlabach was also heckled by Auburn fans when he was trying to do a live report from the Plains last weekend. People said that he was a "disgrace to journalism."

Ok, I know a fan never wants to see his or her school get in trouble, but this is getting out of hand. Schad and Schlabach are just doing their job. Its not their fault that something illegal may have happened during Newton recruiting. Reporters being threatened on the radio and having to get security shows how nuts people can get about sports. For years we talked about how terrible European soccer fans where, this just shows that some SEC fans are just as bad.

Monday, November 08, 2010

William Paterson might need a QB

Approximately four years ago Don Bosco QB Matt Simms was the talk of the New Jersey high school football, fast forward to today and he might be a player without a program.

Simms started his career at Louisville after being a sought after recruit. But that relationship did not last long. In Aug. 2008, U of L suspended the redshirt freshman quarterback for four games for an undisclosed violation of team. After the incident and not being named starting QB, Simms left the program and head out west to El Camino Junior College in California.

After having a great year in JC, Simms signed with then University of Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffan. Reports out of the great state of Tennessee, stated that Simms was chosen over fellow JC QB Cam Newton, that turned out well. During this season Simms has not been that good and has now lost his job to true freshman Tyler Bray. Simms did not take too kindly to being replaced during the South Carolina game a couple of weeks ago: "I had no idea that I was going to get taken out of the game for that. I was playing really well. Extremely well. Probably the best game I've played all year. It's rough but hey, they made a decision and they stuck with it," according to USA Today. Bray ended up starting last week against Memphis and appears to be headed for a long run as the UT starting qb.

So after all that hype at Bosco, Simms looks like a player without a starting job. As a alumni of William Paterson University, I think that Simms would look good in the orange and black.There are many positives to him heading there, he will not have to sit out next year because its a Division III program and its really close to his home town as Rampo. Hey nothing else has worked out for Simms, so why not head back toward home.