Friday, March 16, 2007

The Great History of Purple Eagle basketball

Day two of the tournament can mean only one thing Billy Packer and Jim Nantz and during the night session everyone was treated to history lesson.
Here are the highlights of the night session of Day Two:

  • I did not know that Niagara had the basketball history of North Carolina and Kansas. During the NU and Kansas game Packer went on a 20 minute rant about the historic Larry Costello, I have no clue who is.
  • After being spared the rest of Packer history lesson, the Philly market was taken out to New Mexico State and Texas and that can mean only one thing former Mike and the Mad Dog sports updater Ian Eagle. Is it wrong to want to take a shower after Eagles says that someone is "stroking it."
  • If New Mexico State wants to be a big time program they have to learn to wear the same color t-shirt and jersey combo. They went with the always popular maroon jersey and black shirt look and that is why they are now at home.
  • Can someone please tell Reggie Theus to bring back the jerry curls.

No tickling bum here

Chelski Football Club has put their foot down on something and its not the special one. The club has decided to not allow their supports to throw celery on to the field. Over the last couple of weeks the club has come under fire for allowing their supporters to throw the vegetable. The throwing of the celery is part of a chant that is performed by the Stamford Bridge faithful:

Celery, Celery,
If she don't come,
I'll tickle her bum,
With a lump of celery.

You have to love English Soccer chants, they are so much better then our chants.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gus Johnson brings the info on day one

The first two-day of the NCAA Tournament are one of my favorite sports days of the year and this year is no different. During the first day of the dance, announcers try to do their best to make it as interesting as possible.

Here are a couple of things that made the afternoon session fun:

  • First could CBS stop with the all of the commercials, its like one every two seconds.
  • You know why Bobby Knight lost today; he did not have his trusty O'Reiley Auto Parts logo on his shirt.
  • Gus Johnson gave us the best information of the day: Texas A&M forward Joseph Jones has a weak stomach and has to god to the locker room to calm it down. See Dickie V never has that kind of info.
  • Following the tournament at work can be hard, but with it’s not that bad. But they do have some 1950's language. During the Louisville game, at one point it said "Edgar Sosa scores on a dunk shot." Do you think that John Wooden was doing the updating?
  • Penn's Ibrahim Jaaber's brother is the best baller in Mecca.

and the Night Session:

  • Jon Scheyer purposely misses shots for the rebounds and shot attempt stats according to the announcer Bob Wenzel.
  • Doug Collins might be a Four time NBA all star but he still will pick his ear on national TV.
  • Karl Hobbs (pictured) and Gary Coleman were separated at birth. Hobbs might have the biggest head of anyone in the dance.

Special thanks to Endy in the Outfield for helping me out with the night session. He took time out of his busy Mets spring training schedule to help.

What to take at college

People always talk about students missing the classes for the NCAA Tournament, well if you had a schedule like Ohio State freshman Greg Oden; you would be upset if you missed class. Oden, Thad Matta's prized recruit from Indiana, is currently in the process of taking sociology 101 and Rock and Roll History. Besides those classes he also gets two credits for playing basketball. After this season all of those things that he has learned over the course of the year, will really be use full in NBA.

This is nothing new at The Ohio State University. The star middle linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer took such great classes as Golf 1, Music 140, and AIDS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Smell Football

With the sight of Ted Ginn Jr. hurting himself celebrating during the BCS National Championship game not yet out of our head, there is college football on the horizon.

This type of college football might include: the do not touch jersey and drills, but it is still college football.

Around the country there are all types of different question. Will Charlie Weiss turn Jimmy Clausen into the next Ron Powlus? Will Rutgers become a national power or will they turn into the William Paterson football Program again? and How good is USC (pictured) going to be?

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  • complete Spring Coverage here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Learning Portuguese with Jose

Jose Mourinho drives everyone nuts. But you know what he makes us learn.
I now know that "filho da puta" means Son of a Whore. Mourinho made the comments to referee Mike Riley during Chelski 3-3 draw against Spurs Sunday in the FA Cup.
By the way, the Football Association does not like learning new things and are set to charge Mourinho again. As a person that does not know any other language, I would like to thank you Jose for teaching us Portuguese.
  • The Guardian has the story here.