Friday, July 06, 2007

Darth Visor's Greatest Hits

In eight weeks, college football stadiums will be full as college football returns and that can mean only a couple of things, Notre Dame will be over rated, Miami will make an off color CD, and Steve Spurrier will give everyone classic quotes.

Here are just a couple of the all time classics:

  • “I’m not planning on losing a whole lot. I understand it’s a possibility because there are no Vanderbilts in the NFL. But I’m not a real good loser. I don’t really want to get good at it,'' on going to the NFL to coach the Redskins.

  • “We pitched it around in the USFL. We pitched it around at Duke. We pitched it around at Florida. I came here to see if we can pitch it around in the NFL. I don’t see why we can’t,” on making the Fun and Gun work in the NFL.

  • “Can’t spell Citrus without UT, ” Spurrier said about the Vols after they failed to beat the Gators every year and ended up spending their New Years in Orlando. There is even a program to prove it.

  • ‘’You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Free Shoes University,’’ after a couple of FSU players were charged with taking free shoes from Foot Locker.

  • "We’ve always heard rumors about them (FSU). We’ve always suspected. They’ve beaten us four out of five years in recruiting. Heck, maybe they’re the greatest recruiters in the world. But maybe there are other reasons that those guys go there. Those guys always say they feel ‘more comfortable’ going to FSU. Well, maybe we’re starting to realize what that ‘more comfortable’ means,’’ Spurrier going on about FSU.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Bald Ronaldo or Sir Alex?

Last year it was a couple of pounds bet about goals now Sir Alex and Ronaldo have taken it the next level. Like something out of a WWE storyline, Ronaldo has given Sir Alex the bet that if he scores 20 goals during the next season the gaffer will have to shave his head, if he does not then the Player of the Year will have to. The thing about this bet is that both of them spend hours on their hour each day and either one of them bald would be funny.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dick Vitale meet Ray Hudson

Few many loose their mind like Dick Vitale, but one man that is up there is Gol TV commentator Ray Hudson. The similarities between the two are prices less. Both were former coaches that lost their jobs, Vitale with the Detroit Pistons and Hudson with DC United and Miami Fusion of Major League Soccer.
Both have a strange man crush on a player. Vitale has his world know crush on the former Duke poster boy and GLAAD member JJ Redick, while Hudson has a crush on Boca Junior midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme.

"Genius, genius, genius. Absolutely superb strike. And look, not a smile! What makes this guy smile? I mean, come on, Roman, give us a look, give us a smile, baby. I mean, is there anything more exquisite in life than watching this man play football? Look at this! Perfection. [...] That is an orgasmic goal, Phil. We said he treats them like penalties -- that's what he does. Enjoy him while you can, enjoy him at the World Cup next year when he's wearing that beautiful blue and white's World Cup shirt for Argentina. The man is magic," Hudson say about the playmaker

Both have been know to go crazy at different times. Vitale going nuts here. Hudson loosing his mind at the end of the Spanish League not once but twice.