Saturday, August 14, 2010

No need to make predictions

The Barclays Premier League season kicked off today with a bang, but during the last couple of weeks media members from around the world have been making their predictions about how the final table will look in early May. The predictions that have been made might not mean anything by Sept. 1.
With the transfer window not shutting until Sept. 1, making predictions on how the season will go is not even worth it. So if people picked United to finish second to Chelsea before the season, that may change if United get Ozil or Manchester City might be favorite if they spend another $200 million on an overrated player.

There are two ways to stop this from happen, how about FIFA closes the transfer window after the first week of August. This would allow teams to start the season with the squads that they have and not have to worry about after the second game a player handing in a transfer request. It would also allow people who like predicting the table to have a fair shot and know what they are predicting. The second thing is to allow predictions to be made after the transfer window is closed this would allow predictor to have a better idea of what they are predicting.

People don't bet on horse races until they know the horses that are racing, why not make it the same when it comes t predicting the Premier League.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ESPN Magazine has passed Sports Illustrated

Since I was a kid I always looked forward to Sports Illustrated's College Football preview issue but this year it lacks something when it comes to its competitor, ESPN Magazine.

So yesterday both magazines showed at the home office and boy is there a difference in them. First Sports Illustrated is your basic preview issue with stories on the Top 25 teams and one major feature on college football.

ESPN The Magazine took a different tack with their preview issue. Gone are the previews of the Top 25 teams, which I'm fine with, replacing them are a couple of great features. The features include: a story on coming out of the tunnel, a great feature on Bill Curry starting the Georgia State football program, and a feature on compliance officers at program. These are great stories ideas instead of your basic preview type stories. The issue also includes a photo feature on the numbers of college football including Alabama spending $3,329.95 at a Chick-fil-A in Arlington, Va before their visit to the White House to see the president after their BCS Title.

During the course of the last couple of years, Sports Illustrated as continued to do great work, but when it comes to their college football preview issues SI is starting to look like a lower BCS program while ESPN The Magazine is looking a BCS title contender.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Randy Shannon to Michigan?

So I was playing NCAA 2011 and led Miami to a 14-0 record and a win over Alabama in the Orange Bowl. At the end of the season the computer asked if I would like to accept an extension or take the Michigan job. Randy Shannon to replace Rich Rod at Michigan, I've heard some weird things and that might be the weirdest thing that I have heard.
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Monday, August 09, 2010

Its ticket day

Went out to the mailbox and had a nice surprise, my Rutgers season tickets were waiting for me. while they are not as nice as last year, it means only one thing, the season will soon be here.
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