Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rebuilding a Hurricane

So the Hurricanes trip to the Oklahoma, a couple of weeks ago, did not go as planned. But Randy Shannon and the 'Canes proved Thursday night they are on the right track to being one of the nations elite program again. On Thursday night, the 'Canes took all of their frustrations out on the Aggies showed why the Orange Bowl can be such a hard place to come into.

But the story of the rebirth of the 'Canes is about more then a game, its about getting the right players to wear the orange and green and Shannon appears to be doing that. At the game on Thursday the sidelines were lined with top high school prospects that are interesting in wearing the famous orange and green.

"After the game, I bumped into four players from the No. 1-ranked high school team in the country, Northwestern's Jacory Harris (pictured right), Sean Spence, Marcus Forston and Tommy Streeter. Streeter, the only non-UM commitment, got an earful from the crowd near the West End Zone, who were hooting and hollering for him to commit to the Canes. His buddies left him alone to soak it all in, including questions from TV cameras. Streeter, a 6-5, 200-pound receiver who had three touchdowns in Northwestern's big win against Southlake Carroll, told me he's not ready to commit yet," according to Eye on the U blog.

The Northwestern, the number one high school team in all of the land, kids are only the start. Since Shannon has taken over at the U, he has set a wall around the Miami area. A look at the commitment list shows all kinds of recruits from South Florida. In the end I think that Miami will be back with the nations best team in a couple of years.

Nobody likes the UEFA Cup and there is a reason

While everyone talks about the Champions League starting this week, there was another tournament that started to lesser fan fare The UEFA Cup . While teams like Manchester United, Sporting Lisbon, Arsenal, Chelski, and Liverpool will be fighting it out for the Big Eared Cup. Lesser teams like from country's like Finland, Switzerland, and Ukraine will be joining big teams from England, Italy, Spain and German to battle for the second hand cup.

The biggest reason that people can not stand the UEFA Cups is because people can not pronounce the names of the teams. A look at the first qualifying round leads to getting your tongue tied.

  • Aab: Denmark
  • Kayseri Erciyesspor: Turkey
  • PFC Litex Lovech: Bulgaria
  • FC Pacos de Ferreira: Portugal
  • FC Bate Borisov: Belarus
  • FC Midtjylland: Denmark (logo to the right)
  • Anorthosis Famagusta: Cyprus

As you some of the teams in the UEFA you can not even pronounce and FC Midtjylland does not exactly roll of the tongue and who cares if a team from Cyprus gets the tar kicked out of them by a struggling EPL side.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Song from the Terraces

The best thing about English soccer is that the fans have such a passion for it. The fans in the stands love to spend the whole game singing away about the other team or anything else that comes to mind. Some of the songs are not that nice, while other will make you laugh out loud. There are two things that English fans like to sing about Manchester United and Posh Spice.

Here are some examples of great songs to come from the terrace section of soccer stadiums.


  • 12 went up, 7 died, now Man U play 5-a-side (a chant they sing about Manchester United and the Munich air disaster some 50 years ago.)
  • Feed a scouser, Let them know its Christmas time. (singing about everyone favorite group the scousers)
  • If we see you on a corner with a red-scarf round your neck,Chelsea boys will come and get you and we'll break your f*&*#ing legs. (about seeing a nice Arsenal fan in the street).

Leeds United

  • Robbie Fowler!He's a smackhead!He's a smackhead!Robbie Fowler!He's a smackhead!He's a smackhead! (singing about former Leeds Hit man and coke head Robbie Fowler).
  • Posh Spice is a slapper,She wears a big fat jewel,And when she's shagging Beckham,She thinks of Harry Kewell! (singing about former Manchester United own Golden Balls)


  • Posh Spice...She takes it up the arse,She takes it up the arse,She takes it up the arse,Posh spice... (the Kop singing about Posh Spice)
  • Six died... so they played five-a-side,at the Munich air disaster. (more Munich jokes)
  • Gary Neville shag's his mother and his father and his brother,and his brother...all the Neviles shag each other, they're all inbred. (The kop really does not like Gary Neville)

Manchester United

  • He's red, he's white,He knew that Leeds were shite,Cantona, Cantona. (after the French left Leeds and moved to United)
  • Viera, oweeeeeohViera, oweeeeeohHe wins his team the ball,And Arsenal win fcuk all,Viera, oweeeeeoh (singing about former Arsenal Captain Patrick Viera.)

A complete list of all chants of Europe can be found here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Special One Says Goodbye

You might not like him but you had to respect him, after three fun filled years at the Bridge, Jose Mourinho and Chelski have decided to part ways. As a united fan, he always rubbed me the wrong way, but in the end you knew that he could really manage a team.
The special won with great talent and so-so talent and for that you have to say that he is one of the best in the world. In this day and age any manager that wins the Champions League with Porto has to be considered one of the worlds best.
The news of his departure, was posted on the Chelski web site in less then 10 words, late Wednesday night. I know that Spurs might be looking for a manager soon, how great would it be to have the Special One at White Hart Lane.

Champions League Wrap Up: It's good to go home again.

The old saying you can never go home, is so true as Christiano Rolando (above) broke the hearts of his former fans at Sporting Lisbon. The Super Seven score the lone goal in Portugal to lead United to opening win.
Here are some head lines from the other match day one games.

For complete scores from the first day go here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Champions League can mean only one thing: Ugly Shirts

As the UEFA Champion's League kicks off today, teams from all over Europe are unavailing their European jersey. Some are better then others. Nothing beats the classic Liverpool red jersey or the Celtic's hoops jersey.
But one teams has lost the plot when it comes to jersey fashions. Marseille (above) might have the worst European jersey in the history of the Champions League with this orange and sky blue look. It's almost as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles 75 anniversary jerseys.

Tim Tebow is the real Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris chief export is pain and other jokes have been around for a while but Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is quickly becoming college football's Chuck Norris. The legend of Tebow continues to grow as talk of his bionic throwing motions comes through and people begin to think that Tebow is really not human and maybe he is not.
A tour around the Internet shows that Tebow has bullied God into rushing the creation of the world and located Carmen SanDiego.

Here are a few of the examples of what Tebow has done, according to Tim Tebow Facts

  • Tim Tebow ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
  • God wanted to create the world in 10 days, Tim Tebow gave him 6.
  • Tim Tebow always knows the exact location of Carmen SanDiego.

Searching the internet for Tim Tebow and Chuck Norris stuff leads to a lot of fun items, including videos and more list of things that Tebow has created. Just like you should not mess with Chuck Norris, no one should mess with Tim Tebow

Monday, September 17, 2007

The City Kids are Ok

While people talk about all of the money that the new Manchester City ownership has spent on players, the key to their success this season has been the growth of the four City Academy Players. Micah Richards (pictured above), Micheal Johnson, Kasper Schmeichel, and Neduma Onouha have lead the turn around of the other team from Manchester.

Richards and Onouha give the Citizens something that they have never had before, athletic ability, in the past City was a slow teams that did not feature speed and toughness, now the two give them that. Johnson offers them the guts that every good Premiership teams need, while Schmeichel, the "Friendly Goaltender", has given the team the a solid goal keeper. Schmeichel also has great bloodlines his father was the great United keeper Peter Schmeichel.

The Academy at City was only started less then 10 years ago, but has produce good players including Stephen Ireland, Joey Barton and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Experts talk about the great players that West Ham Academy has produced over the years, but Manchester City is quickly becoming a great Academy.

College Football Week Three: Maybe Petrino was right for leaving

Maybe Bobby Petrino knew something when he left for the Atlanta Falcons, the Louisville defense is terrible and that showed that again on Saturday. Last week, the Cards defense made Middle Tennessee State look like the great St. Louis Rams offenses. This week they gave up a ton of yards and points to the Kentucky and dropped their annual rivalry game.

Here is the a look at some of the other stories from this action: