Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everyone is picking the Super Bowl include a Camel

Everyone is picking the winner of the Super Bowl including the presidents and many other political types, but the strangest pundit comes from a zoo in New Jersey. Princess the Camel has been picking football games all year, now she end her season by picking the Super Bowl. Princes came to national prominence last year when she picked the Giants to be the then undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl and since then she has continued to pick games, but she has lost three of her last four.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Where have you gone Loren Woods?

Arizona and Wake Forest fans all over United States are wondering one thing: ""Where has Loreen Woods gone?"" Ok well maybe that is not true. But the answer to the question is Zalgiris Kaunas of the Euroleague. Yes the Euroleague.

The Euroleague is one of the professional basketball competitions in Europe with teams from thirteen different European countries. Kinda like the Champions League of Basketball.

Woods is part of a small community in the Euroleague, players that were ok in college making big money playing in the Euroleague. One look at the rosters of the teams and it reads like a who's who's of over rated college players.

Here are just a couple of these things:
  • Former Villanova guard Mike Nardi, who is Joe Wolf's Vertical Jumps's wife least favorite player of all time, is now playing for Air Avellino in Italy.
  • Former Duke uber-recruit Joey Beard, who ended up transfering to Boston Uninversity, is now playing at AJ Olimipia Milano in Italy.
  • Former Stanford guard Casey Jacobsen, who was a first round pick in the NBA draft, is now playing at ALBA Berlin in Germany.
  • Former Duke guard Trajan Langdon, one of my least favorite players of all time, is now playing for CSKA Moscow.
  • Former St. John's point guard Omar Cook, a poster child for not leaving early for the NBA, is now using his skills at Unicaja Malaga in Spain.
These are just a few of the American players that have made their impact on the European game, at first I thought most these guys were no longer player. If anyone is interested in seeing Casey Jacobsen on TV the NBA Network shows some Euroleague games on Saturday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's coming

So the Specials One ""I'm on"" show is over, the gang is coming back with their new channel and it all starts this weekend. I can not wait. There are so many question is there going to be new characters and new set. All of these questions will hopefully be answered this weekend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl logos through the years

This was in the New York Times this morning and its really interesting to see how far the Super Bowl's logos have come over the years.

What a Roller Coaster Ride

The scarf, the shirts and the retro kelly green jersey have all been put away for the off season. They are all of the items that went through one hell of a roller coaster ride this season with the birds.

From the opening day thrashing of the Rams to the disaster that was the Ravens and Bengals to beating Giants and Cowboys to make the playoffs and then the end of the ride a loss to the Cards in the NFC Title game after coming back to the take lead.

At one point during the season, the Raven game, you though the Eagles as you know it were done, Mc5 was benched for Kevin Kolb and it looked like the team was heading nowhere quickly. Blogs in the Eagles Nations started questioning the future of the team, was Andy going, was McNabb going, but come to find out the benching of Mc5 might have been the best thing for the team, during the second part of the season Mc5 was playing like an MVP.

I know it has taken me a little while to write a season in review piece but there was a reason why the OTWT decided to hold off on doing it. After the Cardinals game the only emotion that I felt for this team was anger and by writing at that time I would have been screaming for Jim Johnson head, but now after 10 days it's a little easier to look back on the season and the players that made the season so stressful, yet exciting.

Team MVP: Quintin Mikelll, SS, (yes that is him in his Boise State days in the photo to the right). Yes not B-Dawk or even Route 36 or even Mc5. Mikell was the player on the defense that kept that unit together. When Dawk did not play well at the start of the season Mikell was the play maker that maded the defense go.

Biggest Surprise: Brent Celek, TE: His performance in the NFC title game showed that he can make plays at the NFL level and his play means the end of the TE that everyone loved to hate, LJ Smith.

The question that everyone wants to know is what is next for the birds, its not out of the question to see the birds back at the top of the NFC East next season, especially if you look at the Cowboys and Giants pending off season.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who doesn't love Twins

First it was Rafael that came into United fans hearts. His runs made everyone forget about Wes Brown. This weekend the other twin Fabio was introduced to United fans, oh boy did he have the same impact. The twins play on the opposite sides, and will be bombing up and down the flacks at Old Trafford for years to come.
Rafael da Silva

Fabio da Silva

The twins have become such fan favorites that the United fans have started singing about their skills.

Viva Da Silva... Viva Da Silva... Running down the pitch, Don't know which ones which, Viva Da Silva!!!

The legend of the twins is starting to really grow, they even have a Web site dedicated to them. One Roberto Carlos is awesome, two are out of this world.