Saturday, September 07, 2013

Professional Tailgating: Good to be home

It's always good to go home and that is exactly what OTWT did on Saturday. The gang headed to Rutgers Stadium for their home opener against Norfolk State.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Is Belgium the New Spain

For years Spain underachieved on the world stage, now they are the best team on the plant. Belgium could soon be following that path. For years, the small country has produce the odd star now they are producing stars by bucket load. During the past couple of years, Michel Sablon changed Belgium into the team that they are today.

Monday, September 02, 2013

The sky is not falling, its just a black cloud

Today was almost a complete disaster at Manchester United. It seemed that everything that they touched or CEO Ed Woodward touched went up in flames. From the mess with Herrara in Spain to leaving the Fellaini deal to 3 minutes before the close of the window. But today is more of a dark cloud rather than a great club falling apart. 

The biggest issue for Manchester United at the start of the transfer window was either finding a replacement for Wayne Rooney or keeping him. In the end, Rooney did not move, which is the best for everyone involved.  Last year Rooney and RVP looked like a dynamic duo and lead us to title number 20. 

Then today, despite leaving it till the 11th hour United beefed up their midfield by getting Fellaini in the fold finally. Sure did they have to pay a little more for then at first, yes. But that is money and to a club like United it means nothing. Fellaini gives us something that we have been trying to replace since Roy Keane left the club, a physical box to box midfielder. I like Herrara but right now we have a bunch of skilled midfielders that we can play, we lacked that physical force. 

Sure Woodward is a complete dope and should not be handling our transfer policies, but now is the time to get behind our club. Our squad is deep and we have the tools to keep our title. So I ask all United fans to forget about today and focus on defending our title.