Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Spanish Pistol Pete

With the 2008 NBA Draft now a couple of weeks behind us, its time to look forward to next years draft and one man, Ricky Rubio. In Spain, he is know as the Spanish Pistol Pete and come next June he might be know as the number 1 draft pick in the NBA Draft. The world will learn about him during the Olympics.

Scouts love his ability to create his own shot and his passing ability.

Spanish feature on him.

Could Rubio be the best player ever to come on Spain, it might just happen.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rutgers Football Newest Fan!

The Rutgers Football has a new fan and it's no other then Manchester United own Wayne Rooney. Who would have ever thought that the soccer star would be spotted walking around the Manchester area with a Rutgers hat on top of his ginger head (below).
When Greg Schiano took over Rutgers in 2001 little did he know that the "State of Rutgers" would include the greatest soccer team in the world. I guess Rutgers is starting to go world wide.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

After the end of the season, many United Players that were not involved in Euro 2008, mostly the English players, went on holiday and they spent it in many different ways.

Rio Ferdinand spent part of his summer in Africa learning about the cultural and dress.
After finishing up what was a disappointing Euro 2008, Ronaldo and all of his Real Madrid rumors spent sometime on the beach and in the water. Check out his classic form getting on this float.
While The Rooney got married and hung out with such stars as LeBron James.
The first day back at Carrington Training Centre, Monday, must have been a blast for the players as they swapped stories about what they did over the summer.

Things are bad when a Guzman is your only All Star

Major League Baseball recently announced its 2008 All Star selection and you know your team, the Washington Nationals, are terrible when your only representatives is Christian Guzman, yes the same Guzman that the Twins did not want a couple of years ago and we overpaid for.

This is how bad the Nationals are at this point, our only representatives is a defense first short stop with a terrible contract, four years 16 million signed in 2005.

I know that he is a having a good year, .316 average with five home runs and 29 RBI, but guess what is career average is: a very respectable .268, yes .268. Last year Guzman was so bad that some Nationals fans were even thinking maybe the Nationals should just buy out his contract and yes he is our representative for the All Star Game this year. Wow I am proud, can you feel my happiness.

As a Nationals fan there is really nowhere to turn at this point, maybe beer, but I turn to that enough. The major league team is an embarrassment and all though I like what they have done over in the last couple of drafts, hope is at least a couple of years away.

Things are so bad this year that we are paying Jose Vidro $ 2.5 million and Rob Mackowiak $1.5 million, yes the same Mackowiak that has a career average of .259.

Monday, July 07, 2008

At least someone gets it

Sometimes American sportswriters do not get it, but at least one of them does: PTI co-host Mike Wilbon

During Monday shows Wilbon and co-host Bob Ryan were talking about their top five moments in sports during the last year. All of the regular moments were talked about including the Super Bowl, Final Four, and the events Sunday at The All England Club.

But Wilbon shocked many watching by saying how one of his moments came from the drama of Euro 2008. Wilbon talked about how the Turks scoring 3 goals in 15 minutes to defeat Czech Republic in Euro 2008 was one of his favorites of the year.

It's great to see an American writer finally talk about the positives of the beautiful game, well done Mike.

It's good to be Spanish

Last Sunday Spain celebrated its win in Euro 2008 and yesterday they celebrated as their favorite tennis player Rafael Nadal beat five time Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer in an epic five set battle.

Here is how the papers around Europe covered the action at All England Club.

The Daily Telegraph (UK)
El Mundo (Spain)
Granada Hoy (Spain)