Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stop Licking Him

Another Classic from the Gang. The Rooney keeps getting funnier and funnier.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Two of a kind

Nationals Park has had a great collection of people patrolling center field in its first season. First it was Mr. Gangsta himself Lastings Milledge. Milledge brings speed, power, grace, a love for women and great street cred.
Then on Thursday, a new person was roaming center field at Nationals Park: Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope said mass at the new stadium, hopefully some of the good Karma will rub off on the Milledge. There is really no difference between the two.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mascot Madness: The Top Ten

After a couple of weeks off, Only Time Will Tell's Mascot Madness series is back. The Canadian Sports Network TSN put together a top list of mascot moments. My personal favorite is the CFL Mascot that has to pay a fine for getting a 10 yard penalty. So enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The cruel way Arsenal went throphyless

During the Festive Period it looked like Arsenal could have their hands on all four trophy this season. But in the space of four months, the Gunners season went for joy to sorrow in the cruelest way.

Here are the teams that knocked them out of the various competitions:
  • Carling Cup: semi-final loss to Spurs
  • FA Cup: loss at Manchester United.
  • Champions League: loss at Liverpool.
  • Premier League: title aspirations ended Sunday at Manchester United.
Lets look at this, a semi-finals loss to a hated local rival, being knocked out of the FA Cup and Premier League title race by Wenger's sworn enemy and being knocked out of the Champions League by another EPL top four team. Being knocked out of tournaments is bad, but being knocked out by all of your rivals is worst.

Arsenal season ended the same way Blackburn Rovers did with no trophies.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Redoing the Past

Few drafts over the last couple of years have had the impact that the 2005 draft has had. From Ryan Braun's break out season for the Brewers last year to the continued development of Diamondbacks future star Justin Upton. This draft has all of the markings of a great class.

If you were going to redo the draft's top ten again, here is what it would look like:
1. Diamondbacks: Ryan Braun, 3b, Miami
2. Kansas City Royals: Troy Tulowitzki, ss, Long Beach State.
3. Seattle Mariners: Ryan Zimmerman, 3b, Virginia.
4. Washington Nationals:
Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, Oregon State.
5. Milawukee Brewers: Alex Gordon, 3b, Nebraska.
6. Toronoto Blue Jays: Justin Upton, OF,
Great Bridge (VA) HS.
7. Colorado Rockies : Cameron Maybin, OF, Roberson (NC) HS.
8. Tampa Bay Devil Rays:
Colby Rasmus, OF, Russel County (AL) HS.
9. New York Mets: Matt Garza, Pitcher, Fresno State.
10. Detroit Tigers: Jay Bruce, OF, West Brook (TX) HS.

One of the things that really stands out is the amount of quality college bats that were available. From Braun to Ellsbury to Gordon. It was a great year to be a college hitter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wayne's Word: Aggregate

The Voyeur is caught, Rafa is in the pie shop again and Rooney speaks and is told to come home for tea by Sir Alex in Manchester, it's all part of this weeks "I'm on Setanta Sports'' fun.

FSC should look to Russia

With the English and the Italian seasons coming to close, FSC is going to be light on program over the next couple of months, but that does not really have to happen. In order to keep program fresh FSC should look to one of the ever growing leagues in the world, no not MLS, but the Russian Premier League.

I know what people are thing, what the Russian Premier League. Just think about it, because of the weather situation in Russia the season runs from March to November, which would cover the problem areas in FSC schedules, hey who wants to see reruns of a Crew vs. Rapids game. Another thing that might make it attractive to FSC is that the contract might come on the cheap, which is a good thing for the network.

Over the last couple of years, the Russian League has show how good it is. This year Zenit St. Petersburgh has made a great run to the UEFA Cup semi-finals. The Russian League has even had a UEFA Cup winner in CSKA Moscow in 2005. The growth is going to continue with more and more rich Russians investing money in the league, just think little bitty Romans running around.

Besides the money and the schedule, the league features quality players like Vanger Love and Jo. It might be nice to see a different kind of football on TV, so come FSC go out and try to get this contract.

Map courtesy of Bills Sports Map.