Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's never to early to look at next season

So all of the underclassmen have declared for the NFL draft and schools are in the process of wrapping up their recruiting; so that means its time for the first 2009 College Football Top 10. Some of the names in the top 10 will be the normal ones, while other will surprise, listed in predicted order of finish.
  1. Oklahoma: So they lost again in a BCS game, but no team made out better when it comes to players heading to the draft.
  2. Florida: Superman returns, but it will not be that easy to replace Harven. It might be possible to see a OH/UF rematch in the BCS National Championship Game next year.
  3. Texas: I know its more of the same in the top 3. But Colt McCoy returns and they could challenge OU again. The running game should be a little stronger with Nate Newton son coming aboard.
  4. LSU: After a terrible season last year, the Tigers could be on their way back and if they get uber recruit Reuben Randle there offense could be more explosive.
  5. Virginia Tech: With an ACC that is still trying to find its self it would be no shock to see the Hokies back in the national championship picture.
  6. Oregon: I know this sounds crazy but could this be the year that USC is not the best team in the Pac 10. I think that it might be.
  7. USC: A whole new defense, well almost. Replacing a starting quarterback. It could take a couple of weeks for the new edition of the Trojans to get going this year.
  8. Oklahoma State: Ok so the Holiday Bowl did not go the way that they wanted, but with an offense that returns almost everyone it could be a break out year for the Cowboys.
  9. Ohio State: TP. enough said.
  10. Boise State: All of the key parts return and now Broncos have the rep around the country to do something.
I'm sure this will change after spring practices are completed, so check back after the spring season for updated rankings.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

LeBron or A.I.

Lebron James' new State Farm spot has got me thinking. Who would have become a better player if they stuck with football Allen Iverson or Lebron James. I something that is worth a debate.

LeBron James

Allen Iverson

I know that a lot of people would say James but you know what, I might go with the former quarterback and defensive back from Bethel, Iverson. He would have been a great option quarterback as well as a defensive back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Could they be fooling us?

Last week the Special One said he was going to end his show, but now comes word that he might be starting his own network. For more I can not wait.

A bust, I don't think so

Thirty Million Pounds sounds like a lot to spend on a striker that is not scoring a ton of goals. But that is not the case with the Dimitar Berbatov. At the end of the summer window The Bebra made the move from Spurs to United and it has been seen with mix results, not a ton of goals but a ton of impact.

People talk about The Bebra being a bust so far but his impact should not be judged just goals alone. So he might not look the most passionate out there but he does have a great touch that seems to release a forward running attacker. The flicks and the tricks are a treat to watch, he makes the game seem so easy and effortless. He showed this in his performance against Bolton, sure he came in and out of the game, but in the end he headed home a Carlos Tevez cross to return United to near the top of the league. More goals will come and when they do they will be coming by the bucket.

With the injuries and the games coming hot and heavy the Berba will be a key factor for the rest of the season.