Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun with Facebook: The Sky Sports Females

Some people view social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace as a pain, but they can be great fun for sports fan. When large groups of people get together crazy groups usually form and on Facebook that is not different. During the next couple of months, Only Time Will Tell will look at some of the best Facebook Group that are related to sports. Our first group is the ladies of Sky Sports.

Here are some of the best groups on Facebooks about the Sky Sports ladies:
  • Sky Sports Ladies Appreciation Group: Its a group dedicated to all of the great women of Sky Sports. From Georgie Thompson to Millie Clode.
  • Georgie Thompson (right): The Reason that We Watch Sky Sports: ""Its not just the looks but that really sexy voice and the fact that she knows absolutely everything about the beautiful game!!,'' according to the group description. The group has 1,790.
  • Admit it, we'd all love to bang a female Sky Sports presenter: Ya that is the group. ""Those of you red blooded male football lovers who watch Sky Sports news all wonder how the hell they manage to find gorgeous beauties such as Georgie Thompson to appear on their screens. Women who would blatantly be completely foxes in bed but would also chat with you during the post shag fag about the football score and not about how quickly you came.'' according to the group description. The group has 1,677.
  • Di Stewart makes Sky Sports Worth Watching: ""Good looking, intelligent and a great smile. An ideal woman for any man. While there may be others on sky sports news that are fit, ( e.g. Georgie Thomson) none come close to Di,'' according to the group description.
  • The Campaign to create a Sky Sports news hunnies calendar: ""there too tasty for TV and need there own calendar! so lets do it! ,'' according to the description of the group. Those words say it all.
Check back over the next couple of months for more fun with sports related groups on Facebook

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Gods of the Ball

During the last 15 years, four Brazilians have show their sensational skills wearing the famous blue and red shirts of Barcelona. Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, and Romario have all been stars at the Nou Camp. Here are some of the highlights of the four.





A compilation of Romario, Rivaldo, and Ronaldo.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Ode To Packer's Points

For more then two and half decades the first Monday of April could mean only one thing Jim Nantz and Billy Packer and come that date this year that will not be case. CBS has decided to drop the aging Packer for Clark Kellogg for their coverage of college basketball.

As people in the media continue to talk about all of the negatives things that Packer has said like:
  • Calling then Georgetown star guard Allen Iverson a "Tough Monkey."
  • Having a fight with 2004 St. Joe's team
  • Going after mid-majors for the last two decades.

But I will be one of the few people that will miss Nantz asking Packer for his Packer's Points. I know some hate him and for good reason, he is a tough person to enjoy, but for some of us who have just broken into our early 30's Packer was the voice of the tournament.

"They won it on the Dunk,'' was Packer famous words to end the N.C. State vs. Houston final in '83 and after Arizona forward Miles Simon carried his Wildcats to the title Packer said: "Simons says....Championship.''

While Kellogg will bring a young hip voice to the final four, lets not forget Packer and some of his memorable moments.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The season will soon be here

The unofficial kick off of the English soccer season will soon be here, the FA Community Shield. United take the first step in their quest to win seven trophies this season.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Large and not in charge

Sports contracts say a variety of things and St. Patrick's Athletic midfielder Michael Keane found that out. Keane contract was terminated for being too fat, yes too fat.

Keane received a letter from the club earlier this year instructing him to lose weight and was given a target to aim towards. Failing to meet that goal was the reason offered for his dismissal. In his defence, the player will argue that he hasn't missed a training session during his time with the club,'' according to story Friday in the Independent.

Maybe Chelski can include this provision in Fat Franks new contract.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Professional Tailgating: It's time for the Rodeo

While many in the sports community were enjoying the final couple of baseball games before the all star break, the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew made their annual summer trip to the Cowtown Rodeo, yes that is correct the rodeo.
Who doesn't love a creepy rodeo clown.

The parade of cowboys is always a special at event at the rodeo.

No cowboy will mess with the official.

Mr. Cowboy gets ready for the steer wrestling

Videos of the fun of barrel racing and bull riding are located here . Full photos of the gangs trip can be found here.