Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monster Saturday = Monster Waist Line

The biggest day of the college football can mean one thing eating too much. Georgia/South Carolina, Ohio State/Miami, Florida State/Oklahoma and Alabama/Penn State are great games to watch and eat with.
With all of these games a lot of food is sure to follow. Doritos, cookies, pizza rolls, buffalo tenders and other assorted junk. All of them found the bottom of my tummy.
So the day is ending and boy is my stomach full. Thank god their is one day on the schedule like this, if there was another I would have to get a couple of pairs of bigger pants.
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why does everyone care about a 7 million pound signing?

Raul Meireless to Liverpool, Rafel van der Vaart to Spurs, Asamoah Gyan to Sunderland, Kenwyne Jones to Stoke City, and Bebe to Manchester United. What do all of these transfer have in common, all of them were for around the same amount of money, approximately 7 million pounds. What is the difference between them: None of them have had the amount of ink written about them then Bebe's move to Manchester United.

I know it comes as kind of a reach for United to spend that type of money on an unproven player. This is what soccernet said about the player in his bio: "When Manchester United announced that they had signed the Portuguese striker for £7.4 million in August 2010, there was confusion aplenty around the football world. Relatively unknown even in his own homeland, Bebe was plucked from obscurity by Sir Alex Ferguson - who admitted that he had never even seen the striker play before agreeing to sign him."

Monday, September 06, 2010

Cover it live: Boise State vs. Va Tech