Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ok I have a crush

While my college basketball heart belongs to North Carolina, a part of me is starting to fall in love with that school on the Main Line in Philly, Villanova. Over the last couple of years, no team in the Big East has been as entertaining to as the Wildcats.

A couple of years ago they were a top seed and played some of the best basketball. There line up of Allen Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowery, and Micheal Nardi played some of the best basketball in the country and also made for some great match ups. During the season it was no uncommon to see the under six foot Kyle Lowery driving against a 6 foot 8 inch white guy.

Then last year, the "Nova Nation'' unleashed Scottie Reynolds (right) and went from bubble NCAA team to a team that made the tournament easily.

Now this year Jay Wright can return to his three guard line up with Reynolds being joined by hot shot freshmen Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes. Throw Shane Clark on the floor with them an you have a group that can break you down at any time.

And over the next couple of years, this three guard break down style is going to continue and my love for them will continue to grow.

The yellow ball is here, let the season start

Since the start of the EPL season, the pitches have been perfect, the weather has been nice, and the ball has been white. But this week that all changes, the weather gets a little colder and the ball becomes yellow. When United played Arsenal, this morning, the yellow ball with the purple stripes was in full effect.
Once the yellow ball comes on then season really get going and the true champion is crowd. Before the white ball returns, the teams in the league will have gone through the busy holiday period and everyone will have a great idea of who is going to be holding the trophy with the crown on it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Can a Heisman Winner please stand up?

No one wants the Heisman trophy.

Over the course of the season, Heisman Trophy candidates have fallen as fast as top ten teams.

First it was Mike Hart, then it was Tim Teabow, then it was Ray Rice, then Colt Brennan, then it was John David Booty and now it appears one of the front runners for the Heisman is from the northeast, while another spent the summer playing baseball, and another one is a redshirt freshman who plays in a run and shoot offense.

If I had a ballot here is how my top three would go.

  1. Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College.
  2. Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon.
  3. Micheal Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The State of Talent

While many people look at Texas, California, Louisiana, and Florida as the key states in the recruiting wars. Some people forget about New Jersey and all of the talent that we have produced.
North Jersey has the likes of Don Bosco, St. Joe's, and Bergen Catholic and has been a popular place for the recruiters to visit. A look around college football and you figure out that New Jersey can put a great team with all of the talent that they have, despite being one of the smallest states in the union.

Here is a break down of a State of New Jersey football team:


QB: Mike Teel, Rutgers.
RB: Knoshawn Moreno, Georgia (pictured right)
WR: Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers
WR: Dorien Bryant, Purdue
WR: Duval Kamara, Notre Dame
TE: Mike Ragone, Notre Dame
OL: Phil Trautwein, Florida
OL: Anthony Davis, Rutgers
OL: Eugene Monroe, Virginia
OL: John Rochford, Miami
OL: Pedro Sosa, Rutgers

DL: George Johnson, Rutgers
DL: Kade Weston, Georgia
DL: Jonal Saint-Dic, Michigan State.
DL: Dwayne Hendricks, Miami
LB: Brian Cushing, USC
LB:Brian Toal, Boston College
LB: Nick Macaluso, Stanford
DB: Myron Rolle, Florida State (pictured right)
DB: Malcolm Jackson, Ohio State
DB: Anthony Scirrotto, Penn State
DB: Jason McCourty, Rutgers

This is a team that would beat almost all of the states. Just think if most of these kids including Moreno, Cushing, Jackson and Scirrotto went to the State University of New Jersey, they would have the makings of a BCS Bowl team.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is Derby County the worst ever side in the EPL?

Through 11 games Derby County (pictured above) only has six points and sit bottom of the EPL, while not many experts and hooligans expected the Rams to stay up, they could be headed for one of the worst seasons in the history of the league.

Here is the list of the worst teams in the history of the cosmopolitan league and how many points they finished with.

Wow at this pace the Rams could finish with something like 18 points and rank down with 2005-2006 Sunderland with the worst total ever. As for talent this team might be the worst ever.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Professional Tailgating: Singing in the Rain Edition

So it poured for 20 straight hours, Rutgers lost by four touchdowns, and they wore all black uniforms, but besides that Saturday was not a total loss for the Only Time Will Tell tailgating crew. Some of us even met our long lost soul mates.

Thanks to JP Losman's Potential and his tent the day was not a disaster.

JP Losman's Potential shows the perfect New Jersey breakfast.

Its lonely working in the rain when everyone else is drinking.
Endy in the Outfield shows off his dance move in the rain.

Endy in the Outfield and Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump do their best Underwood and Britt impressions minus the dropped passes in big spots.

The enemy has arrived and they brought beer.

Our new friends give their view on how to pullout of Iraq.

JP Losman Potential has found one of his long lost brothers.

Does any one else think that JP Losman's Potential family is really in West Virginia?

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump get some hunting tips from a new friend.

It was such a big game that even part of the midget population showed up.

After the game Rutgers fans wanted to destroy anything with a West Virginia logo on it.