Friday, March 05, 2010

Champions League Playoff = 39th game?

A bunch of months back the Premier League floated the idea of adding an extra fixture and then playing the game outside of England. That idea was met with anger from many throughout England. Fast forward a couple of months and another idea has come out, this time the Premier League would have a playoff for its final Champions League spot. The plan would call for clubs finishing fourth to seventh playing a mini-knockout competition in order to the get the leagues final spot in the Champions League. This too was met with the same anger and voted down. Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore admitted there was 'not enough support' for the proposal.'The main topic of discussion was the Champions League play-off for that fourth qualifying place,'' he told Sky Sports News. "We gave a lot of discussion, a lot of detail, a lot of data. But there was not enough support to take the idea forward, so we won't be discussing that proposal any further,'' according to the Daily Mail.

Maybe two failed ideas can make a good one. How about having a mini tournament for the final Champions League spot in a foreign country. This would require the four teams traveling to lets just say New York and then take a week and play the first round of games on Saturday and Sunday and then play the final on Sunday. This could be a gold mind for the Premier League, imagine a event that meant something coming to United States or Asian. The money raised from the event would be incredible, some of the supporters of the club would make the trip to for the tournament.

This almost makes too much sense for it to happen and that is why it would never happen.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Its really been 20 years

20 years ago, I was a young kid watching sportscenter and remember them breaking in to tell us that LMU star Hank Gathers had died during a WCC semifinal. The news shocked the college basketball work. Gathers and his childhood friend Bo Kimble lite the college basketball world on fire. I just can not believe that it has been that long. Rest in Peace Hank..