Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting sick of John Tillman

A couple of years ago, the university of Maryland hired John Tillman to turn around their lacrosse program. After a couple of years in starting to think that Tillman is part of the reasons why the Terps fail to win on the games biggest stage. Tillman's slow it down offensive game doomed them against Denver in the National Title game.

During the game yesterday, Tillman's offense looked out of step. The hold the ball for a 45 seconds game made the Terps look terrible on offense. There where several different chances that the Terps could have gotten out and run but instead they pulled the ball out and ran lack luster offensive sets. This is a team that has Matt Rambo in attack and they couldn't find a way to get him a good look. 

I'm not saying Tillman needs to go, but a chance in offensive style is needed. If not it could another four decades until Maryland wins the title. 

Professional Tailgating: lacrosse goes west

The NCAA Lacrosse championships have been on Philly before and I decided to not to go but this year that changed. My son and I headed up and loved it and saw Denver become the first team west of the Mississippi to win the National Title.