Friday, May 22, 2009

The great wordsmith of the SPL

He might be in the hot seat at Hearts in Scotland by Csaba Laszio has quickly developed a reputation as one of the quotable managers anywhere in the world. Here are some samples of his great use of the English language, well Scottish that is:
  • "I am not stupid. The fans hear Csaba Laszlo. They think 'Who? Ah yes, he kicked the Hearts record goalscorer'. Ugh...Uganda?! Where is Uganda?! Some people, if you ask about Kampala, he think 'this is a nice food!' but yeah, it's true I am not stupid."
  • "If you see that your team plays this s**t like we did in the first half, you can just run out of the stadium and say 'it's Mothers' Day tomorrow' and forget about the football. But we are guys, we are at Ibrox and we are still in the first half. I wanted to kill some of the people in my dressing room at half time, but then I have to go to jail and we don't get a point! But the second half was sexy." - Csaba 21/3/2009
  • "Always on the television is Rangers, Celtic, Celtic, Rangers, Rangers, Celtic and other teams only get on the television one or two times, but only if they play against the Celtic."
  • "We didn't get any red cards, we didn't get any yellow cards and we didn't get any punishment from the referee for arresting the time. The referee never had the possibility to tell my players to go quicker. We used only the rules that football gives us.''

Thursday, May 21, 2009

United in White

So the big ears cup final is almost here and United will be wearing white the for final, a little surprised by this. Its a nice look and they will be wearing white shorts too. Photo is from

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Show some class Rafa

Tradition has it that the second place manager in the EPL pens a letter of congratulation to the championship winning manager. Sir Alex had to send it to Wenger and Jose.

Wenger had to send it to Sir Alex. It just part of the deal.

But now based on his war of words with Sir Alex, Rafa Benitez has all but refused to send the ceremonial letter to Sir Alex. He said he does not agree with what the ole Scot has had to say during the season.

I know some people at Liverpool don't even like Rafa but this has gone far enough. I know Rafa will go on and on about how his side had the best record against the other top side. But the fact is that the Spanish manager did not get job done and now has to do what is right and write a letter to Sir Alex. So its time for Rafa to grow up and show some respect.