Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prospect Plus: Richie Shaffer

Clemson third basemen Richie Shaffer is expected to be one of the first college bats off the board during the upcoming MLB Draft. The OTWT Scouting Department took in his performance against Georgia Tech on Friday night on TV, as part of our ongoing Prospects Plus series. Here are our thoughts. 

Stats against Georgia Tech on Friday night: 1 for 6 with 3 strikeouts

Positive: Team co-captain in 2012...corner infielder who has tremendous of the best defensive first-basemen in Clemson history. Can either play first base or third base. Did show great patients waiting back on a change up and getting a hit on a 0-2 count, it was a nice piece of hitting. Should be a mid-first round pick.

Negatives: has a big swing and struggled with the off speed pitch during the game against Georgia Tech on Friday night. I know he is a power hitter but striking out three times is not good. Looked over match on some offspeed pitches thrown by Georgia Tech pitcher Buck Farmer.

Twitter is going to destroy the NFL Draft

While the NFL has taken steps to eliminate networks from giving out draft picks before they are officially announced, there are still many issues. On Thursday night, many of the teams first round picks were released on twitter before the commissioner announced them. The Sherman Report takes a look at the impact Twitter had on the draft: Twitter removes draft suspense for ESPN, NFL Network.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scouting report: Natural Knee Bender

Name: The Moose
Height: 2 ft 6 inches
Weight: 29 pounds
Head: 19 3/4
Position: Left Tackle
40 yard dash time: Depends on what type of lawn tractor is chasing him
Positives: Being short, Huba has a low center of gravity. He is explosive like a choo choo. He is also explosive when food is shown to him. Loves being outside, so practice should not be an issue. He is a natural knee bender.
Negatives: limited football knowledge and lack of potty training make him a project. Easily distracted by Elmo dolls, trains, and lolly pops, so his focused has been questioned. Still naps, which might make him miss afternoon practices and 1 p.m. games. Wants to be paid his signing bonus in lolly pops. His large head makes finding a helmet for him a challenge.
Draft position: third rounder

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cover Story: Sending the Penguins home

The Flyers have ended the Penguins season in six games. The Philly Daily News had a classic front and back pages to honor the win this morning They have had great front and back pages all during the series.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The baby Flyers are easy to love

Fresh off of knocking the Penguins out of the playoffs, Philly Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann looks at why this team is easy to love.  Fans get behind kids and that has been in the case in Philly this year. The city has taken to this team that was rebuilt over the summer.