Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ndamukong Pele

Can you imagine being a striker in the premier league and having to face Ndamukong Suh in central defense. Strikers are happy that he chose football inside of the world's game.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I need to ask permission

I'll start this with a simple statement I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I do want them to do well because it's good for soccer around the world. I heard that Rafa wants to sign a player during the window, but first he must check to see if its ok. I know what some of you are thinking, ok he has to check with the board, but over the last couple of weeks that is not the case he would have to check with the variety of different supporters club that represent fans of the teams.

During the last couple of months several of the high profile supporters clubs have complained that the current American owners have not supported Rafa in the transfer makers. Word came out this week that the current owners are looking to sell the naming rights to the new stadium when its build. Its a shame that it will not be called Anfield, but that is the way of the world. After the word came out many supports group came out blasting the plan

""Can you imagine the Nou Camp or Bernabeu being bulldozed by Barcelona or Real Madrid, or Inter Milan leaving the San Siro? You’re talking about football’s cathedrals, and Anfield is one of them. There is too much heritage, history and tradition for it all to be thrown away,'' Graham Agg, secretary of the German Reds official supporters’ club told the Daily Mail. "I just can’t imagine going to somewhere like the Budweiser Stadium to support Liverpool, and I’m sure there are plenty who feel the same .''

You can not have your cake and eat it too. This would be a way for Liverpool to help raise money for Rafa to spend on over rate players. So you can not complain about the money he is given if you are preventing the club from making money that they will be giving to him to spend in the transfer window.

The issue over the proposed naming rights to any proposed new stadium shows the larger issues that is happening at the historic club. Do the supports groups have too much power with the club. All soccer fans agree this is the not the greatest group running Liverpool, but anytime an issue comes up supporters groups associated with the club talk about all of the negatives associated with the idea. I know Liverpool fans are going to be like you are picking on us, I understand that all of these group do great things in the community and I praise them for that, but sometimes I feel like they might be holding the club back.

I wonder if Rafa checked with the different supports groups before he signs Marouane Chamakh in the off season, hey just asking.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Young but been around so long

Sure Taylor King is only a sophomore at Villanova, but it feels like he has been along for so long and now he is finally starting to settle down.

When King was in eight grade he committed to follow most Southern California kids dream and play for UCLA. In high school, King played at the legendary Mater Dei program where he enjoyed a successful high school basketball career, posting the third highest career point total in California high school history.

This is where things get a little dicey for King, during his senior year he decided to change his mind and turn down UCLA and head to the Tobacco Road to play for Duke. While at Duke things did not go that well for Taylor and he did not make the impact that many people thought that he would. Some people even called him soft and not a hard work.

So after the one year, he decided to change his mind again and head to the Main Line and head to Villanova. After sitting out last season King finally looks to be the player that many people thought that he would. King has made a solid impact in his first year with Jay Wright. Last night, King played a huge roll in 'Nova 92-84 comeback win over Louisville. King finished the day with 12 points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes of action. The thing that stands out for me was that King was all over the floor and getting involved in the action. King has great skills and the ability to shoot the ball from all over, but now it appears that he has added the toughness that can carry 'Nova very far in March.
Despite only a sophomore, King is finally showing the skills that many people thought he had, sure it took a couple of steps to get there, but it appears that he is finally there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The economy is wrecking havoc with everything

During the last year the failing economy has had an effect on all kinds of markets from the stock market to the housing market to the transfer market, yes the transfer market. So far the winter transfer market has been a complete bore. Everyday I wake up and read the BBC's morning headline for soccer and usually during this time of year there are a bunch out there for players on the move, but this year they are lacking big time. It seems like the biggest name that is being throw around in England is Kenwyne Jones of Sunderland, yes Kenwyne Jones. Sure he is a good player but a whole transfer window should not center on a player that is only ok.

Most teams are looking out for all kinds of bargain basement loans deals. You are never going to get a player that is going to make a difference in a loan deal, usually these deals are for player that are not needed for by their current team.

Sure tomorrow I will wake up and look at all of the rumors when I get to work, but nothing there will make me run and text all of my soccer loving friends. The economy needs to get better for a variety of reasons from jobs to the stock market, but it also improve so soccer fans can have fun again with the rumors of the winter transfer market.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Last night was tough, today has also been tough. When your teams crashes out of the playoffs like the Eagles did last night, its hard to figure out what is next and with the Birds that is no different. During the game one thing became really clear, the Cowboys are better then the Eagles right now. Unlike most Eagles fans, I can admit that, this might be their year and that is that.

The one thing that I'm struggling with is where the Birds go from here: do they blow everything up and start over or do they try to just add a couple of people and take another shot at it. Right now I'm leaning toward adding a couple of more defensive players and taking another shot at it. The Eagles need to add some size on the d-line and maybe some more help in the secondary. As for firing Andy and trading Mc5, that is not worth it at this point. For one this is the second youngest team in the league and there is still room for it to grow. Blowing up would mean getting rid of someone our best players like Peters, DJ, and Brent. That would lead us down the track of being a 5-11 team.

While most fans might scream for the end of the era, just be careful this is the most successful era the Eagles have ever had and if its blown up there is no guarantee that we will ever get back to this level. So I say we grow up a little and head back at it again and just remember the Giants did not make the playoffs, so that will make any Eagles fan smile for a couple of seconds.