Saturday, August 03, 2013

Prospects Plus: Phillies Ethan Martin

Name: Ethan Martin 
Position: Pitcher
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Prospect Status: 6th ranked prospect in the Phillies system
Friday vs. Atlanta Braves: 4 1/2 innings, 8 hits allowed, 6 runs allowed, 3 walks, and 6 strikeouts

Positives:  During the first inning, Martin topped out with his fastball at 97 mph, while showing some toughness. His best showing came in the fourth inning when he got out of a bases loaded one out jam without giving up a run. Martin features three pitches, which all appear to be major league quality. Martin is the key to the trade that sent Shave Victorino to the Dodger last summer. Martin has struggled with control in his time in the minors and that is the main struggle for him. Martin’s stuff remains good with his fastball sitting 92-95 and he can touch 98 when needed. In 2010 Martin scrapped his curveball for a slider that sits in the mid-80s and sits average right now but shows at least plus potential down the road. His change up is slightly below average but has flashed average. Martin is extremely athletic and has been very durable despite his control problems. For Martin his potential will hinge on his command and control. 

I personal liked what I saw from him on Friday night and so did the Philly fans, when being taken out of the game, the crowd gave him a very nice round of applause. 

Weakness: His control is the biggest thing that is going to hold him back. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prospects Plus: Larry Greene

NAME: Larry Greene Jr.
POSITION: Outfielder
TEAM: Lakewood BlueClaws
PROSPECT STATUS: 11th ranked prospect in the Phillies system by Baseball America.
FRIDAY VS. GREENVILLE: 0-4 two strikeouts.

POSITIVES: Greene is a huge man and is incredibly athletic for his size. Right now Greene still has the speed and arm to be a good left fielder. Greene has huge raw power but he has yet to show it in games, but he has shown a better ability to hit for average than previously shown, according to Phuture Phillies. He could be a All Star with great power but is limited with his glove. Could be the perfect DH in AL. The Phillies have likened him to former prospect Jonathan Singleton with less hit tool but more power and defensive ability, according to Phuture Phillies.

NEGATIVES:Unlike a lot of high school leagues in Georgia, the one that produced  Greene is considered to be a weak one and that is holding back his development. The four times that I've seen him since the start of the season, he seems to be over matched at every turn. This is not a short term type of prospect, this is a long term guy that could take four to five years to get to the big leagues. Some scouts think that it could take until 2017 or later for Greene to put on a big league uniform.

Monday, July 29, 2013

World's Richest Transfers

If Bale leaves Spurs for Real Madrid, he will then top this list, but before that happens here are the top transfers fee record breakers. A great list and hours of fun.

Eagles Training Camp: 11 vs. 11 Drills

Went to Eagles Training Camp yesterday and it was the first time fans got to the see Chip Kelly's offense. Overall I think that the offense is going to be fun to watch. Based on what we saw yesterday the offense is based on speed and match ups. Its going to be a fun and frustrating year.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

First look at this years Eagles

Today we headed up to see Chip Kelly's Eagles first hand and there were a couple of things that stood out.

Here are some quick thoughts:
1. The tempo of training camp is incredible. So fast.
2. It's all about match ups. Shady lining up in the slot. DJ10 in the slot. Both Brown and McCoy in the game at the same time. Flexed out tight ends. You name it Chip is thinking of it.
3. A QB doesn't make a move without Kelly seeing it. Kelly watches the qbs like a hawk.

More to come to tomorrow.