Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rutgers Spring Game

The Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew spend the day at the annual scarlet and white game. I think Rutgers found their starting quarterback and a new star is born on defense. Photos and videos to come tomorrow.

The King of Toronto

Hockey is king in Canada and during my recent trip to Canada, the Toronto Sun newspaper showed how big the game is. On Wednesday the Sun decided to break rank with other major newspapers in the country and not put the death of a local solider in Iraq on its front page.

So what was the big story that The Sun led with, sure it had to be something bigger then a solider death. To some it might be, The Sun lead with Toronto Maples Leaf's GM Brian Burke's comment about trading up in the June NHL entry draft to get John Tavares. Some scouts compare Tavares to Syd the Kid in Pittsburgh and getting the junior sensation would make the Leafs matter again. But come on putting this on the front of a major daily is something that the staff of The Sun should be ashamed of, this shows how much the game means to the people of the Canada and the city of Toronto.

Managers Looking For Work

The boy looks at how the economy has affected out of work managers, good piece of journalism.