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Corner Kicks: rain rain go away


Transfer News: The window is getting ready to open

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Do you like gladiator movies?

The San Diego Chargers have taken getting ready for their game against Seattle to a different level. This week quarterback Philip Rivers and center Nick Hardwick met in the shower to go over snapping the football in wet conditions. Rain is expected in Seattle on Christmas Eve for their game. Reports are that they got some really good snaps in.
Wow grown men meeting in the shower with one bent over, you draw your won conclusions.

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Corner Kicks: The Holiday edition

With both United and Chelsea picking up wins, the Christmas period might decide who sits top of the table at the end of the year.
In other English soccer news

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Things you may have missed while being stuck in the fog in Liverpool


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  • Cheap Bojangles Sausage Biscuits for all. At this rate the University of North Carolina is going to be fattest school in the United States.
  • No gold medal at the World Championship, not problem for Coach K, still win coach of the year for USA Basketball.

Things you may have missed while trying to figure out the NFC Playoff situation

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Monday, December 18, 2006

A letter to Andy Reid

Dec. 19, 2006

Dear Andy Reid
Head Coach Philadelphia Eagles

Subject: Thanks for destroying Christmas

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for god damn ruining my families Christmas.

Four weeks ago, my family celebrated when we knew that the Christmas Day game Dallas game would meaning nothing. Hey at that point Donovan was lost for the season and we turned to everyone favorite midget quarterback Jeff Garcia to save the season. We all thought the season was going to be lost and we wish it were. Then Garcia beats Carolina on Monday Night, beats Washington and then beats the Giants.

Wow thanks a lot, now we have to deal with family members screaming at the TV about T.O., Uncle Steve drinking Natural Ice all day till he throws up all over little Johnnie’s new Elmo doll, and all of the children in the family learning new Christmas songs that include the works T.O. and sucks. Then if they loose I have to run all over the house to hide all of the sharp objects, downers and tell them that its not the right decision to jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge.

I hope that you and yours have the same miserable Christmas and thanks again for destroying our holiday season.

Wives all over the Philadelphia area

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Isaiah doing what he does best

For the last couple of years, the Knicks have been led by a total goof ball. Since taking over Isaiah Thomas has over the Knicks have became one of the greatest jokes in sports, in line with the Clipper of the late 90s, Buccaneers of the early 80s and the Royals over the last decade. No one thought it could hit rock bottom, but on Saturday night it did. With his team trailing by 20 by to the Nuggets, Thomas told members of the team to commit hard fouls if they had a chance, according to published reports. Marty Collins listen to his head coach horse collaring JR Smith late in the fourth quarter, the NFL would have flagged Collins for a horse collar tackle. After the foul all the fun started. Smith went back at Collins and then everyones favorite Gary Coleman look a like Nate Robinson got involved and tackled Smith, sparking the flash point. While all of this was going on, Melo Anthony hit Collins in the face, with a slap/punch.

Some say that Melo should get the book thrown at him, but Thomas should get at least a ten game suspension in his role in this, but that might be a good thing for the knicks. They might win eight of 10 with him away.

After everything was finished, Thomas addressed the media and said that Nuggets players deserved it because they were still on the floor when they were up by 20 and Smith should not have tried to dunk on them again.

Ok, lets get one thing straight, this is not Pee Wee football, CYO basketball, everyone is making millions and if you are getting beat by 20 take it like a man, do not order your thugs to hurt a player on the other team. The best thing about this situation is that Knicks owner Charles Dolan loves Isaiah and thinks that he is doing a great job. With the East being so bad there is a very really shot that they will be in the playoffs and lord help us all. So that could mean only one thing more of Zeke next year, what a great idea.

By the way, good way to celebrate your 150 loss with the organization Isaiah. Many more to you.

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Corners Kicks: a look around Europe Dec. 16



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Hey that English league is that not bad

One look at the Champions League draw, that was done on Friday morning, and you see a growing trend. It’s only a matter of time before clubs in the English Premier League rule Europe. Over the course of the last couple of years foreign investors like the oil man at Chelski and the Glazers at the United have brought more money in the league and allowed these already powerful clubs to spend a ton of money on the world's top players. This is shown in the Champions league where all four of the teams that were the league won the group. All four of the teams that made it through the last 16 of the event could go on to Athens and lift the oversized trophy. Look at the other teams leagues that sent two or more teams through the knock out phase: Italy, Spain, and France. All of expect Barca and Lyon are teams that you fear.

To see how dominating the league has become look at the different rankings of club teams on the Internet, some have two English clubs in the top four, while other have three in the top nine.

The success in Europe is a far cry from the late 80s when there was no EPL and the English teams were banned from Europe following the Heysel Disaster and hooliganism was growing out of control. Following the creation of the EPL, clubs in the premier league where swimming in money from TV deals and sponsorship deals. According to reports, the EPL is most lucrative soccer league in the world. This is one of the reasons that EPL teams are going to rule Europe for the next decade.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Its a bird its a plane its D-Mat

Over the course of the last couple of days, Daisuke Matsuzaka has held up in California with everyone friend and super agent Scott Boras. At one point Boras said that he would not allow Matsuzaka to leave the left coast until a deal with the Boston Red Sox was done.
Then around 11:35 a.m. Dec. 13 the fun started on the Associated Press wire, Red Sox officials leave California, no idea if Matsuzaka is on the plane, two seconds later a wire update comes along that states that he was on the plane bound for Boston.

All day reports kept coming in; he is now over Kansas, Oklahoma, it was like tracking Payne Stewarts plane about a decade ago. Red Sox fans around the country were glued to the Internet watching the plane cross the country.
At one time you thought that OJ was traveling to Boston in a white bronco with Al Cowlings in the back with a D-Mat wearing a hoody and the world was watching.
For weeks Boras has been talking about how, D-Mat should be treated like a free agent. But there is one small problem with that, he never was. Under the current posting system that is in place, any Japanese’s player that wants to come over, that is under contract goes up for bid with the largest bidder getting the right to talk about a contract with the player and if that does not happen with in the 25 days then the team does not receive the bid and the player goes back to the Japanese team. For Boras to this was never about D-Mat and getting him the best deal, this was always about the him trying the break the current system that exist between Major League Baseball and Japanese Baseball. If this happens, it would open the door for Boras to head into Japan and bring out as many players that he wants.

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Shannon save us

  • Greg Schiano: No
  • Rich Rodriquez: likes to watch couches burning, so much so he turned down 'bama.
  • Mike Leach: no thanks
  • Mike Stoops: No
  • Jimmy Johnson: enjoys his boat too much.
  • Jim Leavitt: no.
Everyone who follows the Miami knew it was going to be hard to sell this program to anyone. When they decided to cut ways with Larry Coker, if they wanted Randy Shannon to be their head coach, they should have hired him then. Around the country the Miami job is a tough sell, the facilities need to be completely rebuilt, there is very little money to go around after they paid Coker a couple of million to leave, and the people expect nothing less then a national championship.
The thing that bothers me about this whole situation is that Shannon did not get a lot of consideration until a rumor came out that Mack Brown was going to make him defensive coordinator at Texas. For years, the U has not realized how good a coach he is, now they are looking for him to lead them out of the funk that the program has fallen into. To know how good a coach he is, just look at the players that he has coached over the years: Sean Taylor and D.J. Williams just to name a couple. During his time as defensive coordinator at the U, his defense worst rank has been 28th.
As a fan I hope that Shannon provides the spark the program needs. He will be one of the better younger coaches in American. One thing that cannot be overlooked is that Shannon has also been the person that has recruited all of the great defensive players to the U over the last decade. While some are unhappy that this is not the sexy hire they were looking for, just remember Jimmy Johnson, who came from Oklahoma State, and Dennis Erickson, who came from Idaho, where not sexy hires at the time.

Things you may have missed, while waiting for a defensive play in the Suns/Nets game

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Things you may have missed, while recovering from T.O. Birthday celebration



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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charlie gets a new friend

On Saturday the Charlie Ward will get a new friend. A new person will become a Heisman trophy winner. A look at the winners of the trophy over the last decade and a half and you find such great names as Gino Toretta, Jason White and Rashaan Salaam. All of who are out of professional football. But on Saturday, some one will get their hands on the stiff armed trophy and be known as a Heisman Trophy winner. Here is a look at my top five.

  1. Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State: He is a lock. Beat then number two Texas on the road, then later in the year beat then number two Michigan. Smith has thrown for 30 touchdowns and only 5 ints.
  2. Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas: McFadden single made the Razorbacks a New Years Day bowl team. McFadden has lined up all over the football field running back, receiver, and even quarterback in the ''Wildcat'' formation. McFadden has run for 1,558 yards, completed six out of eight passes three went for touchdowns and caught 11 passes for 149 yards. McFadden has scored 18 touchdowns this year.
  3. Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii: People are going to say that he has not played anyone or he plays in the run and shoot, that is just not fair. Throwing for 53 touchdowns and completing 72.1 percent of your passes. I do not care if you are playing NCAA Football 07, those are great numbers.
  4. Mike Hart, RB, Michigan: All year long he has been the heart and sole of the Wolverines offense. Played well in the all of the big games this year including Ohio State, where he had 142 yards n 23 carries and three touchdowns.
  5. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame: I know people are going to say his numbers are better then Smith's, but most of his stats came against lower BCS conference school. Only game against a good team that Quinn played well against was USC and some will say he put his numbers up when the game was out of hand.

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Mr. Fancy Pants

For years, no matter what the weather was NFL officials have always worn white and black stripped shirts and white pants, but this year its all different, they now get to wear ski pants during the colder game. Around the league on Sunday, officials were sporting the newest look in cold weather gear, black pants with a white racing strip. New York, Green Bay, Denver all of the officials had them.
To quote, the former WWE wrestler the Hurricane: "What’s up with that."
Today in the NFL you cannot even touch the quarterback or hit someone with your helmet. Now you, have the refs going soft. Part of being a ref is being out in the cold, but now as the season continues to go deeper into the winter months we have to protect our officials from the cold. I really have no idea why they are wearing these new pants, if they were going to get ski pants they should have just gotten white ones and no one would have know. Right now NFL officials are falling behind in the ref’s race; take a look across the pond. In England, officials still wear shorts even during the cold winter months. I hate to say this but Graham Poll is tougher then any officials the NFL has.

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Things you may have missed over the weekend while waiting for the BCS to work

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Things you may have missed while watching Bryant Gumbel screw up a play on the NFL Network



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Interesting and fun Stuff

Things you may have missed, while watching Greg Oden play with a towel

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Nutty Trend

A year ago, Gus Malzahn (pictured) and Mitch Mustain were preparing for a state championship game in Arkansas, this year they are preparing for a different type of championship game: the SEC Championship Game. During the summer, Houston Nutt made the shocking move to hire Malzahn as offensive coordinator despite him being only a successful high school coach at Springdale in Arkansas. At the time if it was unclear weather Malzahn was hired in order to make sure that Mustain, the number one ranked quarterback in the country in the class of '06, was coming to be a razorback or because he was a great offensive mind. Besides Mustain, two other players from the Springdale team that spent much of last year in the top 5 in the nation joined Nutt's calling.
Over the course of this season, Malzahn has showed the world that he is an offensive mastermind. With a team that is loaded with red shirt freshman and sophomores, he has made their offense into the one of the most exciting in the SEC. The hiring of high school coaches as college assistants is nothing new, but they are never hired as offensive and defensive coordinators. Malzahn along with other members of the Razorbacks staff have created an offense that is fun to watch and thought outside the box when it comes to using its best player Darren McFadden. The group has created the "Wildcat" formation, which allows McFadden to operate as quarterback and throw the ball when it is there.
Will the hiring of Malzahn and his success spur other coaches around the country to hire high school coaches as top-level assistants. Here are a couple of high school coaches that could find there ways to college sidelines next season:

  • Todd Dodge, Southlake Carroll High School, Texas: The former University of Texas quarterback is an offensive genius, he could find is way to a sideline of a Texas based school.
  • Tommy Knotts, Independence High School, Charlotte: Few teams in the country have dominated area schools like they have. Over the last couple of years, they have produced University of Florida starting quarterback Chris Leak as well as other Division I-A players. Knotts would be a good fit for Butch Davis new staff at North Carolina.
  • Rush Propst, Hoover High School, Hoover, Alabama: Besides having his own MTV series, he has been a passing guru for the last couple of years. College coaches from all over the country have visited his program in order to learn his passing game. Who ever takes the Alabama join should hire him.

Carroll is the True Genius

All week all you heard how this year it was going to be different, Notre Dame was going to stop USC and stay in the game. Charlie Weis is a genius, Brady Quinn is a difference maker, and Jeff Samardzija is in the same class as Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett.
You know what we might be wrong, maybe the genius on the sidelines is USC Head Coach Pete Carroll. Maybe the difference maker was John David Booty, and there is no way that Samardzija is in the same class as any of the three receivers that USC puts out there.
Now on the to game Brent Musburger stinks. If you watched the game you thought it was a 3 and 1/2 hour ad for how brilliant Weis was.
At one point, Musburger called Weis the ""Lord of the Rings." Are you kidding me, its more like the "Lord of the Ring Dings.'' For all of the credit that Weis takes for being a great offensive mind, he has yet to pull out the win that means anything. He had his chance in the Fiesta Bowl last year and Ohio State closed the door, earlier in the year Michigan, and then on Saturday night it was USC.
For years football people and fans have been discrediting the job that Pete Carroll has done at USC. Everyone keeps going back to the job he did with the Jets and the Patriots as a way to talk down what he has done.

On Saturday night, Carroll showed the world what type of team, he and defensive coordinator Nick Holt are. Their defense made a guy that was supposed to be a frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy look like a Pop Warner quarterback.

Carroll took a program that was on the verge of falling apart after former Paul Hackett and has gone 55-10 with two national championship and five straight Pac-10 titles.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thank You Larry

While this year has been a complete disaster, Larry Coker does deserve credit as being one of the good guys in college football. Coker reign as leader of the Hurricanes came to end Friday, but his legacy will live on for years to come at the school. Most people will say that Coker won the 2002 Rose Bowl with Butch Davis players, while that may be the case, the NFL is littered with players that played for team and were groomed by Coker, who served as offensive coordinator under Davis. Andre Johnson, Sean Taylor, Jeremy Shockley, DJ Williams, and that are just the start. For those who said he was a bad coach, I give you last year’s game at Virginia Tech. At the time Tech was ranked in the top five and had dreams of playing for his national championship, but that all ended by 10:3o that night, when Coker's Canes went in there and kicked them all over Blacksburg.

Watching Coker this year has been painful at times. He is a good man that brought class to the program and he should be remembered for that. Who ever it is that replaces Coker will have a lot to live up to.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Please Stay off the field

Ok I get it; you beat a top ten team. But that top ten team was Rutgers. Despite being on the board the bandwagon, they are still one of the worst programs in the college football over the last decade. That does not give you the right to rush the field if you are Cincy.
And Bearcat fans were not the worst perpetrators in there own state, earlier in the day, in the Game of the Year, fans of #1The Ohio State University rushed the field after topping #2 Michigan. Please this is The Ohio State University, winner of national championships, winner of Big Ten titles, and has had a number of Heisman Trophy winners play for them.
Over the last couple of years, there is an epidemic sweeping the nation, students and fans seem to rushing the fields and courts for no reason. Football is not only sport that has this problem over the last couple of years. A couple of years ago, North Carolina fans rushed the floor after being Duke. This all has to stop.
Here are a couple of rules that fans should follow before rushing out on the field/court:

  • If you are a top program, like a North Carolina in Basketball or an Ohio State in football, you have no right to rush the field. As a fan of a top program you forfeit the right to rush the field.

  • If you are a lower program you can only rush if you beat a team that is ranked in the top 10. So if you are a major conference school and beat a 21st ranked team no court rushing for you.

  • Use common sense.

Friday, November 17, 2006

At least we are not in Kansas

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been uproar over the amount of money that Rutgers head football coach Greg Schiano has made. But at least, state taxpayers and university staff have seen the benefits of paying the coach. Look around the college football landscape there are million dollar coaches all over and some of them might be some of the worst coaches in the country. This week USA Today did a special report on the cost of keeping a top quality coach at major university. According to the report there are approximately 41 coaches that make over a million dollars a year, and guess what Schiano is not one of them.
At the University of Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino makes $1.5 million a year to coach the football team. If you add the over million dollars a year that Bill Self makes to coach the basketball team, it appears that Kansas has the market corned on million dollar coaches that can not coach.
Michigan State is no better. For four years John L. Smith has lead the program into a state of disrepair. For all of work, including a melt down against the fighting Irish, Smith was scheduled to make $1.5 million a year
at $911,000 year Schiano appears to be on the best bargains is down. Look at the some of the great coaches that make more then him: Tommy West, Al Groh, Chuck Amato, Dirk Koetter, Glen Mason, Sylvester Croom, Ron Zook, and Joe Tiller.
See its not as bad as you think, if I was a tax payer in Kansas I think that I would try to impeach the governor for wasting taxpayers money on those two.

What a Difference a year makes

365 days, that is all it took for the basketball team at North College Hill High School, outside of Cincinnati, to go from world beaters to just another after school basketball team. Last year the team was gearing up to face the likes of Oak Hill Academy, the famous basketball factory in Virginia, now this year its back to normal of two of the county's best players have left the program. They were ranked in the preseason USA Today High School rankings last year, but this year North College Hill was nowhere to be found.

Earlier this year the standout forward Billy Walker was ruled ineligible after the state high school governing body had ruled that he had already played four years of high school basketball, Walker has since graduated earlier and will be a key part of Bob Huggins first year at Kansas State.

The other half of the star duo, O.J. Mayo has also moved on, but not to college but rather to Huntington High School in his home state of West Virginia. Now this year Huntington High School will be sight of the Mayo Circus. Good for them, during the year they will appear on national TV a couple of times and make tons of money, then next year when Mayo takes his traveling road show to the University of Southern California it will be back to normal at the school. The record of the school reads like a great list accomplishments for the duo, most points in a game, most fans, and most important most money made.

This brings up a bigger question, should schools like these two public schools; take on these type of talents for a couple of years, just to make their schools a couple of extra bucks. By bringing these types of players into your program you also bring sneaker companies and agents into the fray.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lou Holtz & Lee Corso are the Anti-Christ

Ok I get it, you all at one point used to work a major university with big time college football programs and do not want to make anyone mad there. But this is getting out of hand. On Saturday on the ESPN family of networks, two of their biggest college football analysts sounded like homers.

First during College Gameday, Lee Corso showed what type of homer he could be. Fresh off the greatest victory in the history of the Rutgers, Corso decided to smash Rutgers and say that they were not worthy of being part of the title game picture. Fellow Gamedayers Chris and Kirk, who called the game on Thursday night, told the old man that he was making a mistake. Lets rewind a week, after the 'ville defeated West Virginia; Corso said that they should be part of the title game picture, what makes this so different. One reason Corso was the head coach at 'ville and even called in on during the 'ville vs. West Virginia game. At least we know that Lee Corso sports a merkin and its really lush.

Then that brings me to good ole coke bottle glasses Lou Holtz. At the end of College Gameday Final, people give their list of top one-loss teams. Of course Holtz, does what only Holtz can do, be a homer. He puts Notre Dame and Arkansas at the top of the list. Two former schools that he has coached. I would have bet he would have tried to make South Carolina one of them too, if he only could.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Youth is wasted on the Young

When a freshman first steps on a college campus, there is so much to learn. How do I get to class? Do I have to go to class? Where are the best underage bars? Where are the women at?

If you happen to play football there is so much more to learn, but around the country you are starting to see more true freshman quarterbacks take a starring role a schools in BCS conferences. On Saturday, two true freshmen made a huge impact on the National Title Race.

  1. Matthew Stafford, UGA: Earlier this year, head Coach Mark Richt was pulling him in and out of games. Now it appears that he has held on the job after he held lead Georgia to a win over Auburn yesterday.

  2. Josh Freeman, Kansas State: Ron Prince took over from the program builder in Bill Snyder, the first order of business was to make sure that Freeman found himself to the Little Apple. When the wildcats needed a play to a made on Saturday night in their win over defending national champion Texas, Freeman was there. With approximately a 1:30 to go in the game, Freeman rolled out and found an open receiver to salt away the game.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

College Football lives here

Section 121: That is where I sat to witness the greatest college football game in the history of New Jersey. On Thursday night, Rutgers made fans all over American as they kept beating up the 'ville offense.

But the story of the RU success goes back longer. Four years ago, a group of friends and I decided to go and see Miami take on Rutgers. At the time stadium was 3/4 full, but something was different, Rutgers held the lead late in the fourth quarter until Miami scores something like 21 points in six minutes to win. On that day you could tell that this program was heading in the right direction and on Thursday night with all of American watching, the once laughing stock of college football, showed the country that wow northeasters can rally behind a college football team.

As a person that has been to the Rutgers Stadium a bunch of times, to see it look like that was something that I never thought would happen.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Forest Gump Loves English Soccer

Last week, the Shrimpers stood on top of the English footballing world. In the League Cup, this week Southend defeated Manchester United to advance to the quarterfinals of the League Cup, but that is not the point.
In this country we ask question about nicknames including: What the heck is a hokie; Is auburn a war eagle or a tiger; Who the hell would name themselves the zips; and who the hell is going to fear ducks.
But in English football it’s 20 times worst. Just looking at the list of nicknames from teams that are in the England, you find a bunch crazy names that make the zips seems normal.
Southend is not the only club to love the sea life. Blackpool is known as the Seasiders, Brighton & Hove Albion is known as the seagulls. Morecambe is just know as the shrimps.

Here is just a list of the club of the crazy names:

  • Queens Park Ranger: The Super Hoops: what was regular hoops taken.
  • Barnsley FC, The Tykes: You never want to have a nickname, which could be changed into something that you do not want.
  • Everton, The Toffees: In its history it says that it was named after a local shop that sold mints. I swear I wish I could make this stuff up.
  • Bristol Rovers, Gas: This one I have no clue about. In their history it says the club used to be located next to a gasworks. It would have been better to call them fart.
  • Wycombe Wanderers, The Chairboys: What another club was known for being lazy.
They are nuts on the other side of the pond. The funny thing about the English soccer clubs is that they usually have two nicknames. For example Blackpool is know as the Seasiders and The Tangerines. Its bad enough to have one bad nickname but to have two take a lot of trying.

Magic of the Little Guy

In the United States it hard to image a team like the Tulsa Drillers playing the New York Yankees for a championship, but in England it happens every year. With the proper FA Cup ready to start in England this weekend, I can not think about how great it would be to have an event like this in any sport in United States. This year, there were approximately 687 teams entered into the cup and every year one of the teams from the lower division decides to shock the soccer world and beat one of the EPL larger teams. The format is easy, sometime in later summer teams from smaller division play off to see who gets to the first round of the cup. In the first round the teams from the first and second division of the Football league join them. In the third round, the EPL teams join the event and all of the crazy stuff starts.
But there is something different about this, teams are not bracket up and they play through to the end. They are draw out of a hat and put together, so after you win you have no idea who you are going to face, there could be a fourth round game that futures the top two teams in the EPL and another fourth round game that features two lower level teams that advanced.
That is the magic of "The world's oldest knockout competition."