Friday, July 19, 2013

It's finally mine

It may have taken 10 days but NCAA Football is finally mine. Thank god. Love it so far.

The new Billionaires Derby: PSG vs. Monaco

Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona move over cause your money means nothing any more. Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain enter French football arms race as they chase Champions League. The two French clubs are selling out $90 millions for players left and right. From Falcao to Cavani, no player is too expense for these two clubs. For the season to come, football fans will be watching France to see if these team gel and see if they become global force that they hope to.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Prospects Plus: Lewis Brinson

NAME: Lewis Brinson
POSITION: Outfielder
TEAM: Hickory Crawdads
PROSPECT STATUS: 12th ranked prospect in Rangers system.

POSITIVES: The Rangers picked Brinson in the first round of 2012 MLB Draft and talked him out of a scholarship to the University of Florida by giving him a $1.625 million bonus. A scouting report from Keith Law on the improvements that Brinson made during the Arizona Fall League: "I was blown away by the changes Lewis Brinson made to his swing over the summer, setting up his hands a little lower and further back while shortening his stride, significantly improving his bat speed through the zone without any loss of power." These comments show that Brinson is able to make changes to make himself a better player." 

Brinson is a long, lean player with excellent range and a strong arm in the outfield. At this point, defense is undoubtedly his strength, and he could reasonably project to play all three outfield positions at an above-average level down the road. Offensively, Brinson has solid power that could develop into a plus tool as he gets stronger. During the game on Friday night, he made an outstanding diving catch showing his ability to cover large amounts of ground. He also showed off a good arm on a couple of throws.

NEGATIVES: The big question is and always has been his ability to make consistent contact. Improving his contact rates and strike zone judgment are going to be the keys to getting him to the major leagues. On Friday he strike out a couple of times and showed why he is still considered a long term prospect. There’s no doubt that Brinson’s a boom-or-bust prospect. He’s got an ultra-high ceiling, but there’s also a very real possibility that he fizzles in double-A if he can’t corral his strikeouts.