Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fakes are sometimes better then the real thing

So Al Davis and John Madden have a lot in common, their connections to the Raiders and their loss of their minds at this point. Both also have another thing in common, their fake twitter personalities are funnier they are.

Some classics from the Fake Al Davis:

  • Note to self: don't hire anyone whose name starts with Mangin-
  • Thank god the Twitter is around to help journalists compare Jay Cutler to Jeff George in real time.
  • Cutler hasn't been the same since Jeff George bit him during the last full moon
Some classics from Faux John Madden:
  • Winter tip: Always keep a copy of Madden 07 in your vehicle to use as an emergency ice scraper or coaster! That's all it's good for anyway!
  • Jon Gruden is like the Chucky looking, eccentric illegitimate son I never had. I'm so proud of him!
  • Today MLB voted Joe Mauer as the most valuable player in the American League which means Mauer is probably pretty valuable to his team
  • Heres your holiday drink recipe of the day.. To have a "Summerall" simply have an entire bottle of scotch in under 45 minutes. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is not the way to get me to fill something out

So on Thursday, the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew headed to Madison Square Garden for the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, which was a lot of fun.

While sitting at work on Monday, my blackberry started buzzing and I had an email it was from the Madison Square Garden asking me to fill out a survey on my experience at the home of Basketball and to entice me to fill out the survey they offered me a chance to win tickets to the Knicks Bobcats game on Dec. 20. Really this is the way to get me to do something offer me tickets to see teams that feature Nate Robinson, David Lee, and Jason Richardson. This is not exactly what I want to try to win.

If the people at the Garden wanted to get me fill out the survey they could have offered me tickets to one of the number of college basketball games they host. Maybe even the Holiday Festival but an NBA game between two terrible teams is not the way to go. As they same thanks but no thanks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Professional Tailgating: The 'Cuse is in the house

After spending Thursday night seeing the Syracuse basketball team the next logical step was to see the football team. So a fellow member of the OTWT tailgating crew and I head north to see Rutgers travel to Syracuse. Sure it did not end with a Rutgers win, but it was still a good time.

Otto is everywhere
Our pregame meal spot, The Varsity. Not bad at all
All of the basketball jerseys that have been retired in the dome, including one of my favs, Billy Owens
The Cuse still loves Melo

Its never good when you are this close to the band

The Rutgers band leader did not have a lot to cheer about

Professional Tailgating: The Defending National Champs

On Thursday the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew headed for the big city, New York to see their beloved North Carolina Tar Heels. Good seats and cheap tickets led to a good night.

Everyone knew the Heels were in town
The great popcorn spill of Endy in the Outfield make for a mess

The Heels are introduced

The Heels and Bucks prepare for battle

Dickie V Shoot foul shots