Monday, December 07, 2015

Fight of flight

So it's here and I don't mean a head coach. I mean we are finally in the Big Ten. Sure we have been there for the last two football season but where we really a Big Ten level program? Today for the first time I felt like part of the league. 

Sure are there going to be growing pains with a first time coach like Chris Ash, of course. But with the list of recommendations that Ash comes with you can't help but feel excited. He has won in this league and in the SEC. Remember Bob Stoops went from being DC at Florida to head coach at Oklahoma and that worked out real well. 

Ash is really the first Big Ten coach of this program. If we weren't in the league there is no way that he would be here. This is just the start. 

I'm not saying we should be booking our tickets for the Rose Bowl yet but from what I saw during his press conference this is a new day and a new era. Love the fact that all of the players who met him today raved about him. Next season this team will be totally different and I can't wait.  

Today is a proud day to be a supporter of this program and just remember: Fight or Flight.