Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's not the Yankees and Red Sox anymore

In the past teams like the Yankees and Red Sox dominated the signing bonus list in Major League Baseball, but this year that all changed. Instead of the Sox and Yanks, the list is topped by the Pirates and Nationals. This shows that other teams are willing to invest in young players.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The New Fab Four

During the last two drafts the Nationals have shown they are willing to spend money and this year was no different as the Nats splashed the cash. The Nats spent $16.5 million to sign Anthony Rendon and other top Nationals draft picks at the signing deadline last night. Who knows if the Rendon, Meyer, Goodwin and Purke will work out, but for Nationals fans it shows the organization is willing to spend for top players.

Professional Tailgating: Cars Go Fast

While NASCAR is not something we focus on, I could not help but post these videos my brother sent me from his trip to The Glen for the race.

Cars go flying by his seat
 The power of a restart

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Professional Tailgating: Seven Unearned Runs, Yes Seven

The OTWT Tailgating Crew made their final regular season trip to Citizens Bank Park to see his beloved Nationals play the Phillies. The only thing that we learned was that defense is something that the Nationals don't care about. They gave up seven unearned runs, yes seven. 

Ground crew takes the tarp off before the game.

Phillies honor alumni that included Tommy Greene and Mark Leiter
 As a rookie, pitcher Michael Stutes has to put up with a lot include carrying this pink backpack to the pen. 
 Since we have had these seats we have seen a variety of different right fielders from Jayson Werth to Dom Brown to John Mayberry Jr. and now Hunter Pence. Hope it ends there. 
 Fans behind us showing their love for Chooch. 
Before the game started, I was able to hook up with my friends over at Sox and Phils and they filled this report.

No One is in Charge

New York Times College Sports Reporter Pete Thamel gets to the heart of the ongoing conference reshuffling. It's basically football run Anarchy.