Saturday, January 06, 2007

We all should have dated Cheerleaders

This has been a really good 18-month period for cheerleaders around the country. First, last year, two Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders were caught in the bathroom of a club. Then New Years Day, we had Song Girl gate. Now comes word that a Louisville cheerleader appeared in some nice honest photos for a website.

Aren't you glad they are part of sports?

Corner Kicks: The Ghost of Brian Clough lives

In England this is a magical weekend instead of playing in their respective leagues all of the teams get together for the most famous knock out competition in the world the FA Cup. During this weekend some of the EPL teams will fall to teams in lower divisions and that is no different this weekend.
Nottingham Forest, who under the late Brian Clough (pictured) won everything in Europe during the lasts 70's and early 80’s and are now in the Division one, pulled off one of the upsets of the day defeating EPL relegation favorites Charlton.
The other shock of the weekend game when fellow league one side Swansea defeated EPL team Sheffield United.
Spurs, Manchester City, Newcastle, Middleborough and Fulham all face replays against lower division sides in the next ten days.
Meanwhile in the glamour tie of the third round, Arsenal defeated Cup holders Liverpool at Anfield.

The rest of the results for the third round can be found here.
The draw for the fourth round can be found here.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Charlie and the Football Factory

It’s the start of January and everyone knows what that means, Notre Dame has been blown out in a bowl game. Everyone know the only reason that they are in the BCS, is for TV rating and bringing people to the games. But who is going to watch a game when the Touchdown Jesus is in the process of being beaten over the head for the eight straight year. Last year everyone talked about how great Charlie Weiss did with them, but this year they played three teams all season and he has been exposed each time. After watching the Brady Quinn love fest on Fox, I switched over to ESPN and college football analyst Robert Smith made the best point, may be when they get in these games they are over matched from the start. I got an idea maybe send them to the Texas Bowl or the Insight Bowl, this way they would be able to at least make a bowl game they play interesting.

Things you may have missed while watching Brady Quinn try to win a big game

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Things you may have missed while recovering from your New Years Black out

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