Saturday, May 05, 2007

The NFL Draft Madden Style

The Madden craze is all over the place, to who is going to be on the cover to what the new rookies look like. has posted all of the first round picks and what they are supposed to look like in the game.

Here are a couple of them
Calvin Johnson

Ted Ginn Jr. (note the foot looks pretty good)

Brady Quinn (it took me about an hour to get to his photo, because they went in the order they were selected in.)

Brandon Meriweather (notice gun not included)

Greg Olsen: complete with 7th Floor rap crew CD

Friday, May 04, 2007

Move over Arsene

The FA has a new person that they are after, its not Arsene Wenger, and really its not a person at all. The FA is going to call a hearing about the sending off of Kingsley the Lion, the mascot of Reading Football Club. Kinglsey was sent off during win over Newcastle last week for making abusive gestures toward the ref. At the time the ref thought it was a Reading player that was making the gestures.
"Ref Mike Riley sent off Kingsley during Reading's 1-0 win over Newcastle. The FA officials confirmed the 6ft 5in furry-suit-wearing cheerleader faces an official warning,'' The Daily Mirror said.

Here is so video of Kinglsey during a happier time. I really think The FA has lost it. These are the same people that brought us Sven, to the 10 year construction of their new national stadium, to banning a mascot for a couple of games, The FA really covers a lot of ground.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Is Brian Brohm the next Brady Quinn

Gone are the names of Johnson, Quinn, Adams, and Peterson. They are now replaced by the names of Brohm, Sweed, and Long. Its never too early to look ahead the NFL Draft class of 2008. Quarterback Brian Brohm passed up being a first round pick this year and decided to head back to Louisville for his senior season, just like a former Golden Domer with a pale girl friend. Hopefully he will not $20 million fall through his hands, like the domer did.

Here is a list of some of the highly rated 2008 prospects.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcoming back some old friends

As the NWO used to say, ""We're getting the band back together.''

That is what is going to happen next year in the EPL. With results going the way they did in the Championship ole United boys Roy Keane (pictured above punching a Chelsea player during the Community Shield) and Steve Bruce will bring their boys up to EPL. Keane, who took over at Sunderland after four games, is best know as being the Captain for so many great United sides.

In a year when the Devils are going for the treble you can only think back to his performance in Italy against Juventus that took them to the Champions League Final and Glory. After picking up a yellow card early in the second leg of the semi against the Italian power, Keane knew he was going to be suspended for the final. So Keane put the team on his back and willed them into the final against Bayern Munich. Most consider it one of the best games every played by a player.

While Bruce, who is the current manager at Birmingham City, was also a midfield general at Old Trafford.

So with Bruce and Keano on their way back to the top of English football United are starting to take over. In addition to Mark Hughes at Blackburn and Sir Alex at United, there will be four managers with ties to the Red Devils.