Friday, November 07, 2008

So Far Ok

A couple of months ago the best sports talk team in the United States was broken up. Mike and the Mad Dog was no more and both Mike Francesa and Chris Russo decided to go their separate ways, with Francesa stay at WFAN and Russo moving over the Sirius XM Radio to host his own show and channel.

So far Russo's new show, Mad Dog Unleashed, has been ok. There are a couple of things that Russo has to learn in order to take his show to the next level.

The major thing that Russo has to do his learn more about college football. I think that Russo under estimated how popular college football is. When he was in at WFAN college football never really came up except for the time they took the show to the Rutgers Louisville game a couple of years ago. People living the SEC and Big 12 countries do not have pro teams to root for and their college football's teams are the only thing that they have. Besides that his show has been a success. The guest have been outstanding and have not been limited to New York media types.

His show is already moving in a positive direction and I can not wait to continue to watch the show develop, which it will.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's that time of year again

November is here and that can mean only one thing, the EPL has gone to the yellow and purple bal, for the winterl. When the yellow ball comes out that means the season starts for real and Arsenal struggle. We will again see the traditional white ball in a couple of months.

Boy Wonder

Its Halloween party time, and the gang is dressed to impressed.