Saturday, November 04, 2006

He Stinks and I don't like him

Play-by-play guys by nature are not supposed to be hip or even cool. But one thinks that he has total “street cred.” On Saturday night Mark Jones was calling the Miami/Virginia Tech game on ABC. During the course of game, Jones talked about living in the “305” or as every normal person in the United States knows it as Miami.
Then Jones started talking about how former Tech DB Jimmy Williams was making stacks of money in the NFL.
Wow, we were a couple of minutes away from him talking about his boys 50 cent and G-Unit. He just wants people to think that he is down with what is “hot.” If I wanted to know what was hot I would read Vibe or Rolling Stone. Just do me and other football fans a favor and call the game.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Future of the U

One of the greatest loves of my life is the football program at the university of Miami, but over the last couple of months that love has been test. Not since the Pell Grant scandal that almost caused the death of the program in the mid 90’s has it been so hard to cheer for the U.
As the clock counts down on Larry Cocker, the program needs to move in a new direction with its next head coach. The usual names such as Barry Alvarez and other big time coach from a program that has better facilities are not going to be the answer. The Miami job is going to be a tough sell, who wants to have their future discussed every year after going 10-2.
Here are a couple of people that I would like to see at least get an interview:
Steve Sarkisian: USC offensive coordinator: For the last couple of year he has been one of the members of the brain trust that has made the USC offense one of the best in the history of college football. He also learned under offensive mastermind Norm Chow.
Al Borges, Auburn offensive coordinator: Over the last couple of years, he has turned the Auburn offense into one of the best in the SEC. A couple of years ago, he turned quarterback Jason Campbell from a disappointment into a first round draft pick.
Butch Davis: Hey he rebuilt the program when it looked like it could not be rebuilt.
Greg Schiano, Rutgers head coach: If it were my company, I would turn the keys over to this man. He has turned a program that was on the verge of becoming a 1-AA program into the team that in the next couple of years could be headed to BCS. Has Miami ties was on Butch Davies staff before taking his current job.