Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hello Cal!!!

Moving on is hard on everyone and yesterday Memphis fans and Kentucky fans felt both sides as Kentucky hired coach Cal from Memphis to lead the Kentucky Nation. Here is how area newspapers covered the events.
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
The Courier-Journal (Louisville)
The Lexington Herald Leader (Lexington)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Only the Nats

Usually when a team gets a #1 overall draft pick, its hope for the future, but leave it to the Nationals to almost take all of that hope away. Last year was tough on Nationals fan, a team the lacked the talent to win at the Triple A level, could not compete at the major league level.

This year #1 overall player is San Diego State Pitcher Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg has been billed as the best pitchers to come out of college in a long time. Check out Strasburg striking out 23 batters vs. Utah. The fastball is amazing and he has a hammer to die for.

Ok so this should be a done deal, the Nats draft him, sign him and then wait for about 18 months and he will ready to pitch at the major league level. But this is the Nationals and its already starting to look like the Nats will never call Strasburg name during the draft later this year.

Reports have come out that Strasburg wants a $50 million contract when he is drafted. Yes that is right $50 million. How are the Nationals going to pay that much for a pitcher, hey last years pick Aaron Crow, a pitcher from Mizzou, never signed with the Nats because of an issue with his signing bonus. So I guess I better not go out and order a Strasburg National Jersey. So instead of having a once in a lifetime pitching prospect, we will draft Grant Green, a shortstop. Wow this is something to look forward to.