Thursday, October 25, 2007

And you thought Jerry Jones was bad

So the Martin Jol (above) era at Tottenham Hotspurs ended with another loss this time the in the group stages of the UEFA Cup, but all of the blame should not be pointed at the Dutchman. Most of the blame should be pointed at the egomaniac chairman Daniel Levy (right).

Just like Jerry Jones and Al Davis in the NFL, Levy thought that he knew what was best for the team on the field. Every time that Jol turned around Levy was flying somewhere to meet with a manager to replace Jol. First it was Sevilla manager Juande Ramos, then it was former Spurs great Jurgen Klinsman. Besides running off to see different managers, Levy has also spent the first part of the season going on and on about how they have to make the UEFA Champions League. Both Spurs and Levy have to watch it cause Leeds United put all of their eggs in the Champions League basket and we all know what happened to Leeds.

After the announcement of Jol leaving, Spurs fans sent e-mails and text messages to Sky Sports saying that Jol was not the problem and Levy and the board were the problem. During the Premier league era Jol lead Spurs to their highest finish ever in the league.

For years Spurs was looked at like a club that spent a lot of money on older players and under achieved. But under the direction of the Tony Soprano look- a-like Spurs bought younger players like Gareth Bale and Tom Huddleston and played some of the best soccer in the EPL. But now that will all change because an egomaniac thinks that he knows more about what happens on the field then the coach.

Pumpkins have taken over recruiting

First it was picking a hat up and putting on your head to signal where you were going spend the next four years playing your football. But one high school player in the Dirty South has decided to take a different way to announce his college commitment.

Dontavius Jackson (right), a running back from Georgia, is scheduled to make his college announcement on Halloween night, but not by picking a hat or a shirt, but by picking a carved pumpkin. Jackson is down to Clemson, Georgia and LSU.

"One of the coaches’ wives carves pumpkins,” Jackson said. “I’ll be choosing a pumpkin.”
The logo or mascot of Jackson’s finalists will be carved into the three pumpkins, according to a Atlanta Journal Constitution story.

Wow, that is a new one, I can not wait for a fan of cars to make his college choice by picking a car and driving off. You can not help but love college recruiting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Power of the Gameday Shirt

One of the best things about college football is the tradition of trash talking on a t-shirt and like the Rutgers football program, their trash talking t-shirts are getting better and better each week. Some Rutgers fans have come with a classic for the West Virginia game.
I know its not politically correct but you know what it is funny and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free Riquelme

Someone please help.

Someone needs to allow the world to see the magic of Juan Roman Riquelme. After a falling out with the manager at Villareal last season he was sent to his home country of Argentina and played with his childhood club Boca Juniors. But after the year was over, he has been on the sidelines and has not played a game of club soccer this year. Not having him play is like the NFL missing Tom Brady or the NBA missing a floor general like Chris Paul.

His only appearance so far this season has been with the Argentine national team in World Cup qualifying. During his first game for the most entertaining side in the world he scored two goals on free kicks.

His game is like no other in the world he can control the game without running all over the place. His pin-point passing is something to behold.

So can a club in Italy or England come and return one of the worlds best players to the stages that he deserves. Sven and the blue side of Manchester have a ton of money to spend in the December transfer market, so why not go for the best pure play maker in the world. Or maybe Riquelem could be wearing the red and black of the European champions. Can anyone imagine him and Kaka in the same midfield.

Monday, October 22, 2007

$3.5 Million per win not bad work if you can get it

College football colleges might be the most overpaid employees around, but some are really not pulling their weight when it comes to earning their money. This year there are approximately 55 coaches that are making more then a million dollars a year.
Here are some coaches that are not making a return on their salary:
  • Charlie Weis, Notre Dame: So far this season one win at a salary of $3.5 million a year, that is a good return on a private schools investment.
  • Bill Callahan, Nebraska (pictured above with Wannstedt): Wow this situation has gotten out of hand already. First lost to USC, then get beaten to death by Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. At $1.75 million and having your AD fired that is not a good combination.
  • Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh: He might be the worst coach in the coaching. Over the years he has made millions doing a job that he is terrible at. He had two coaching jobs in the NFL and then another in college. At this point I would not trust him to coach my sons pop Warner team. By the way he is also making $1.5 million for being this bad.
  • Guy Morris, Baylor: I would have never guessed that he made $1.1 million. I can not remember the last time that they were even in a bowl game

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Professional Tailgating: The Air is not out of the Balloon

On Thursday afternoon, Mike and the Mad Dog said that a Rutgers loss to South Florida would let all of the air out of the balloon, well I guess the balloon is still flying high after their dramatic win. Of the course the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew was in their usual spot in the parking lot and seats in the stadium, section 116 Row 27, to rush the field for a second straight year. As usual Endy in the Outfield chronicled the days events.

Quincy Carter's Coke Habit now thinks that he is Tigers Woods

Endy in the Outfield really loves his sour cream and cheddar chips

Endy in the Outfields gives some constructive criticism on grilling to Quincy Carters Coke Habit.

The home tailgating office.

Joe Wolfs's Vertical Jump talks to Qunicy Carter Coke Habit about what South Florida quarterback Matt Grothe uses to make his Mohawk look so nice.

Our shrine to a person that can not hit a curve ball during a game seven of the NLCS.

You can tell it was a big game, there were tailgaters three hours before the game started.

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump and Endy in the Outfield throw gang signs.

Alumni get some food for the big game.

Hopefully the tailgating fun will continue when the masters of the burning couch come to town.

The Gayest Football Shirt Ever

On Thursday night there were some South Florida fans in the stands at Rutgers, but one of them had the gayest football shirt ever. On the back its said Beef Studs, yes beef studs. South Florida is not the Studs they are the bulls so I have no idea where all of this stud stuff comes from.How can any football fan where a shirt like that, I guess his I love Tim Teabow shirt was in the wash.