Thursday, July 26, 2007

Does Cole Hamels Really look like this?

Last night was Cole Hamels bobble head night at the Phillies game, but there was one problem with it.
It really does not look like him. The doll has eyes that only a stoner would love and a head tilt that would make Giants rookie pitcher Tim Lincecum proud.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Can we find another voice of American Soccer?

So Saturday was supposed to be the watershed day for soccer in this country, but it was far from it and that can be blamed on one person: Dave O'Brien. Yes not Beckham, but O'Brien.
During the course of the Chelski vs. LA Golden Balls game on Saturday, O'Brien was up to his old tricks that got him into the trouble during the World Cup last summer. Telling the American public about how Beckham's Manchester United teams were rivals with Chelski when he was in England. Not True. Chelski was a team that was basically Spurs before the Russian money came in and United never really considered they serious title contenders. This is just a mistake that can not happen, especially during an event like that.
Before soccer is going to grow in this country, you have to have a different voice for it. During the Champions League games Derek Rae and Tommy Smith take us through the games and everyone is happy.
So please ESPN bring a person that knews what they are talking about, you would never put a soccer announcer to call the Superbowl.