Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new look for the show?

Could the new director of programing sack the gang?

Professional Tailgating: Is this 2002?

So this year has not started in the best way, but I guess that means that we will have to pick up the tailgating a little more. Here are some of the sites of the tailgating from Rutgers vs. North Carolina game Thursday night.

Little did we all know that more storm clouds would be around after the game

Endy in the Outfield always takes times out from the drinking to educate himself.

Nothing beats a game of Redneck golf

Tailgaters row at the Rac, its like a small neighborhood
Quincy Carter's Coke Habit practices his short game

It's not the Grove at Ole Miss but rather a parking lot in Central New Jersey

This student shows off his pride for country and his team, by the end of the night their was no pride left in the building.

For more photos of the fun go here and for additional videos go here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

This sums up last night best

There is not a lot that can be said about last nights mess at Rutgers Stadium. This picture, from the Star Ledger, of Greg Schiano sums it up best. Over the weekend, I will post the photos of the fun part of the game, tailgating with the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew.

Fun with the Dutch

A couple of months we profiled the International Football Factories on the Turks, now its time to give the Oranje their shot.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fabio Listens to Girls Aloud

Fresh off England 4-1 win over Croatia, Don Fabio again sits down with the boy for part of their great interview. At least Ashely Cole will be happy with one of the songs on Don Fabio's ipod.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Play the Kids

During the last couple of years the England U-21 has been a great sense of pride for the FA. The team has shown the grit and pride that has not been seen on the senior team in sometime.

At the last European U-21 Championship England went out in the semifinals to the Dutch in a shootout for the ages. After the game all of the players were in tears, unlike their senior team counter parts. When the senior team loss to Croatia none of the players shed a tear.

This is one of the major difference between the teams. The little Three Lions of Noble, Agbonlahor, and Hart play with a passion for the shirt, its something that has been lacking on the senior team for sometime.

Maybe its for Don Fabio to give Noble and Gabbie a shot at the senior team. Maybe they are not as skilled but they sure would play with a passion that has been lacking for sometime on the senior team.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Professional Tailgating: NFL Classic Jerseys

One of the best things about the start of the NFL season is seeing fans in their outdated and current NFL jerseys. On the first Sunday of the NFL season, the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating crew visited McIntyre's Pub in Toms River. Here is a look at some of the famous players that were around.

Derrick Brooks

Bryant Young

Charlie Joiner. Stay classy San Diego

This is not a jersey, but this guy shows his support for Vikings. I'm sure his wife is happy.

Nothing beat an Andy Harmon kelly green Eagles jersey with matching scarf

Gotta love the throw backs this time its Marshawn Lynch
Classic, Reggie White
What is that a Paul Posluszny jersey. I never thought that I would see something like that. I hope they doubled checked the spelling on the jersey when they were finished.
No one will ever forget Bo Jackson

O-Face Soccer Style

This is from Setanta Sports and really fun. The soccer is so bad at Wigan that people have to focus on other things.

NFL Week 1: The Patriots might be done

The first week of the NFL Season is always good for some interesting talking points and this year it was no different, from the end of Tom Brady's season to the last second win by the Panthers to Brett Favre first game as a Jet, here are how some of the papers around the country covered the opening Sunday of the season.

New York Daily News covers Brett Favre and the Jets win over the phish.

From one Hall of Fame quarterback to another, The Boston Herald covers the end of the season for Tom Brady.

The Philadelphia Inquirer covers the explosion that was the Eagles offense yesterday.
The Buffalo News covers the Bills opening win of the season
The Charlotte Observer covers the Panthers come back win in San Diego

Cleveland Plain Dealer covers the Brown poor opening

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Brown Saucy Booty

The gang is taking the week off because of world cup qualifers but Wayne sits down with the current England boss. Part two of the interview will come after the England and Croatia game Wednesday