Sunday, September 26, 2010

In honor of the Mike Vick Era starting with the Birds

So the Mike Vick era is on for the Birds and in honor, we take a ride back in the way back machine to the Mike Vick experience, its an amazing ride.

The Birds are a video game

So the Mike Vick era is officially underway and boy is it exciting. Sure there are going to be those negatives plays, which there are going to a ton, but the video game type plays are quickly going to make fans forgot them. The offense is now a video game. Speed, speed, and more speed. DJ and Maclin might be the fastest pair of the receivers in the league.

After what has happened over the past three weeks its a miracle that the Birds sit on top of the NFC East and next week Mc5 returns to the Linc, in which should be an emotional game.
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Professional Tailgating: Now that is a walk

North Carolina brought half a team to Rutgers and was able to walk out with a win. The OTWT tailgating crew had some issues that forced them to move to a different area.

A lot of North Carolina fans tailgating in the area of the RAC
 People get ready for the Scarlet Walk

The Scarlet Walk

The Knight and his horse get ready to enter the stadium
Now this RV shows where your team colors are