Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Las Vegas Stars

With the NBA All Star game behind us, the idea of putting a team in Sin City is being discussed and I could not be happier. The idea of putting a team in Vegas could be comedy gold. Could you image Stephen Jackson in Vegas for home games, this could be a great idea?

Introducing your Las Vegas Stars:

The Starting Five
  • Point Guard: Jamal Tinsley (pictured): grew up in the ghetto and is always in trouble in both Canada and the United States.
  • Shooting Guard: Stephen Jackson: do I really need to stay anything. Please check out his My Space page.
  • Small Forward: Ron Artest: I really do not want to explain.
  • Power Forward: Eddie Griffin. Forward Seton Hall star would be great in Vegas with his drinking problem.
  • Center: Olden Polynice: He might be retired but there is always need for wife beaters on any team.


  • Richard Dumas, SG/SF: Retired, love the coke.
  • DeShawn Stevenson, SG: Statutory rape is always something that GMs should look at.
  • Qyntel Woods, SG: Dog fighting now that will fly in Vegas.
  • Tony Battie, PF: Beating up a police officer, I think that might be allowed in Vegas.

Here is a list of other players that a new Vegas team could also look at.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coach Potato TV

Its late February and there is nothing is good on for die-hard football people, until this weekend. NFL fans rejoice, its combine time and thanks to the NFL Network, everyone can watch it. Since 1982, the combine has become something that people only heard about, but last year it all changed when the network took draft geeks inside the combine, now it has become a must watch event.

The network will show something like 27 live hours of draft prospects running in tight shorts and throwing in T-shirt, might sound gay, but it is not. During this weekend people will learn the joys of the passing tree, shuttle run, agility drills and eye/coordination drills.

Things you may have missed while getting ready to watch the NFL Combine

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Mom's Box: Playmaker Style

What a year for the Playmaker. Over Super Bowl week Irvin was elected to the Hall of Fame. Now ESPN and Irvin have decided to go their separate ways. According to some reports he will now do movies. Everyone who watches NFL Countdown is going to miss his bad suits and off the wall comments.

In honor of Irving not being with Countdown anymore here are a couple of videos, cause we all are going to miss the Playmaker.