Friday, February 13, 2015

Professional Tailgating: You have to make shots.

Purdue took Rutgers to the cleaners last night and one of the reasons why is because Rutgers went 11 minutes without making a field goal. Even Sgt. Slaughter showed up at the game. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maybe I was wrong on Owens and Zayn

Last night, I made NXT Takeover on the WWE Network appointment television. I told my wife to leave me alone so I could  focus all of my attention on watching how Owens and Zayn played out.

A couple of months ago, I expressed my concern about having Owens and Zayn feud again. During their time in ROH and PWG the duo put on one of the great feuds in the modern day era. The feud had everything from blood, over the top violence and psychological warfare. I never thought the WWE would let them take it to that level.

Last night, the pair had their first match in the new incarnation  of their fued and boy did they not disappoint. While lacking the over the top violence that their prior matches had, this told a great story and left both looking good for the future. They booked Owens as this monster similar to Brock and Zayn in a more sympathetic role similar to Daniel Bryan.

While the pair didn't take it to that level of violence,they did play out a high impact match. Zayn sold Owens multiple power bombs so well and the having the ref stop the match makes both look strong in future bookings of the match. Maybe they could let Owens and Zayn kick off WrestleMania this year in a ladder match.

After the match was over, I decided to put on Final Battle 2012 Ladder War match between Owens and Zayn. While it was very violent and entertaining it got me to thinking. The guys in the ring, while being the same, where totally different. The true measure of the true talents of the pair is how they made the same feud look totally different.

Maybe I was wrong about this and Zayn vs. Owens will rival Steen vs. El Generico.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I know ESPN does the best they can but can you at least get the right logo for Loyola Marymount and not confuse them with Loyola in Baltimore. Is that too much to ask.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

RIP Dean

Dean Smith was the reason I fell in love with North Carolina Basketball. He was the God father. I'm just happy I've been able to read about his life over the years. 

Never Forget

So the Popeyes Bahamas Bowls was one of the best bowl games of the year. The game featured a classic comeback from Central Michigan that fell short against Western Kentucky. The game was played more than a month and a half ago and Popeyes is still giving out stuff promoting the game. Come on enough is enough.