Friday, September 11, 2009

Please be Patient, Its going to be a fun ride

If there is at all a silver lining the Rutgers' opening day loss to Cincinnati it was the play of true freshman QB Tom Savage. After being build as the biggest recruit in the history of the school, the true freshman from Philly showed the crowd what they have to look forward to for the next four years.

His performance made the coaching staff notice and the gave the reigns to offense for their upcoming game against Howard on Saturday. All fans in the stadium on Monday were asking for the Golden Boy to take the field and we all now have our wish.

While its hard to predict his performance because he is so young, one thing is for certain its going to be bumpy ride. There are going to be times where, as fans, we are going to go nuts about a throw Savage makes or a decision he makes, but there are going to times where fans are going to look around and go "what was he thinking.'' In order to play Savage, us as fans have to realize that he is in no way the finished product and we have to be patients. So as a season ticket holder I'm asking my fellow season tickets holder to please don't boo the Golden Boy, let me develop and lead this program into the future.

Its going to be a fun ride, so everyone please buckle up.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look out South Africa, The Tree Lions are comings

The field for the World Cup is slowly coming together and the Three Lions booked their place in the event with a 5-1 win over the Croatia yesterday, while in South American the unthinkable could really happy the World Cup could be without mess. Argentina could be on the outside looking next summer.

Here is how some papers covered it

The Times (England)
La Nacion (Argentina)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Professional Tailgating: The Great Disappointment

A revamped stadium, a record crowd, and a terrible game. That is the best way to sum on Labor Day Mondays game between Rutgers and Cincy. The OTWT Tailgating Crew was there to enjoy the event.

Before they started arriving at the RAC, this guy tried to learn how to parallel park and he was terrible

The day did not start well for Endy in the Outfield. He was beaten by a high school sophomore at washers

While the game was not class the food was, filet mignon

Rutgers take the field for the first time in their revamped stadium

The new closed end of the stadium looked great, too bad the team did not

C. Vivan Stringer is honored for being elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, I wonder if Imus was there too.
Despite the loss, the crew will be there again this week for Scarlet Knights game against Howard. Can not wait for the Howard band at half time.

No better person to save your job then your son

In the toughest of times people usually turn to their family for help. With North Texas head coach Todd Dodge that was no different. During his first two years as coach as the Mean Green, Dodge won a grand total of three in his first two years being the head coach.

So before the start of the season Dodge turned to family to help him save his job in Denton. Dodge named his son Riley to be the starting QB and after one game it could not be going better. Riley lead to the Mean Green to a 20-10 win over Ball State on Thursday night. During his first collegiate start Riley threw for 216 yards and also ran for another 76 yards.

Hopefully the Dodge Team will be as successful a team as it was in high school at South Lake Carroll in Dallas. The pair won the 2006 5A state title with a 43-29 win over Austin Westlake in the final. As a junior Riley passed for 4,184 yards and 54 touchdown passes as well as gaining 1,119 yards and 13 TD on the ground. Riley first committed to Texas but soon changed his mind and joined his dad. Riley high school career legendary and its summed up by this performance in the 2006 state title game when he threw up through his face mask.

When times are tough the best people to turn are your family and that is exactly what Todd Dodge did and it may end up saving his job in the end.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


So the stadium looked great, the team in red on the field did not. So its the day after Rutgers dropped the ball against Cincy. Here is how some local New Jersey newspapers covered event.

The Star-Ledger

The Homes News Tribune

The Asbury Park Press
Will be posting photos, video, and commentary of the game and the parking lots in the coming days.