Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I tried but I just don't care

Few people watch as much soccer as I do. During the soccer season I watch: the Premier League, the Championship, the French league, Spanish league, Italian league, Portuguese league and the Russian league. So no one can question my love for the beautiful game. 

But there is one thing that I have had a hard time watching: the Women's World Cup. I tried to watch the final 45 minutes of the United States vs Germany but I found it unwatchable. While the pace of the game was ok the game lacked tackling. At no point in the second half did I see anyone flying in for a Roy Keane like tackle. 

Some might call me sexist for not being into the United States run to the final but honestly I care very little about it, wake me up when club friendlies start. The women's game does very little for me.