Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Calendar Fail

Gotta love NFL Calendars. On the 2015 Eagles calendar one of months features a photo of Bryce Brown. Yes the same Bryce Brown that was traded to #bills before the season started. I guess Ricky Watere was unavailable.  

My Matches of the Year

It's been a fun year to be a wrestling fan from the rise of NXT to the continued growth of Indy promotions all over the country. So here are my top matches of the year.

1. Neville vs Zayn: NXT Evolution. Amazing match that showed why these two are the next generation of the business. 
2. Young Bucks vs Red Dragon: ROH War of the Worlds. I'm a mark for both teams. These two are the best teams in the world. 
3. John Cena vs Randy Orton: Hell in a Cell. This 25 minute war showed how good these two can work together. 
4. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudleys vs. the Wolves: Their match series in TNA this year where some of the best you will ever see.
5. World Cuties Tag Team vs. Young Bucks: PWG 11: This matches spawn the debate over female wrestlers bleeding. A great match with tons of crazy spots.